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  • Cecile Corral

    On The Beat

    Cecile Corral

    November 24, 2015


    A new malady is morphing among some shoppers, and I include myself among the victims. It’s called de-Santa-cism. Worn down by earlier-than-usual holiday shopping, my symptoms include ad nauseam, disinterest and a swollen credit card statement. I got a head-start to my holiday shopping back in October with the intention of taking advantage of special deals, getting access to the good stuff before it runs out and spreading the expense over a wider timeframe so as to not over burden my pocketbook. While my gift stash is well positioned considering we haven’t even arrived at the actual Black ...

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  • Jennifer Marks

    The Thread

    Jennifer Marks

    November 23, 2015

    Why Not Here?

    The Europeans have out-paced us in digital textile printing for some time now. But why have we let them? I spent last week talking to several U.S. digital textile print houses (it’s the subject of our December issue cover story) and put the question to the experts. Why are the Europeans doing more of it – and on a larger scale – than we are? The answer: Because even when the business shifted to Asia, they never shut down their mills. Especially in Italy, where the textiles industry is anchored by fashion apparel, they kept their plants open and invested ...

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    Home Alone 3

    Warren Shoulberg

    November 23, 2015


    Who knew that the answer for all of an in-store retailer’s problems in competing against online was a fat guy in a red suit? Turns out that this season especially, more and more retailers are on to the fact that a real-life, living, breathing Santa Claus in their stores – or out in the mall – is a surefire way to drive traffic into physical stores. For generations big stores have decked the halls for the holiday selling season, trotting out lights and garland and tinsel on their selling floors, in their windows and all over the place. Santa himself was ...

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