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American Blanket touts made in USA

Fall River, Mass. - Industry veteran Rick Lotuff is parlaying his blanket category expertise in a company focused on American-made goods.

Lotuff - formerly head of Berkshire Blanket - founded American Blanket Co. last year and is targeting gift shops, boutiques and the Internet for its range of adult and baby blankets.

"We wanted to produce high-quality blankets that consumers would buy once and love," Lotuff said. "Many manufacturers are so concerned about hitting a price point and quality has suffered. We're building a better blanket."

According to Lotuff, there is a high-end consumer base that is not as concerned with pricing, and is interested in the Made in USA label.
The company offers three tiers of blankets: Peaceful Touch is a smooth low-ply micro-fleece; Supple Touch is a plush offering; and Luster Loft is a high-pile, ultra plush product. All the blankets are sheared multiple times to ensure there is no pilling or shredding.

The blankets range from $39 to $79. They are tied in a silver ribbon and are packaged in a box that comes complete with a gift tag.
The company is participating in its first trade event this week, the Boston Gift Show. In addition to its basic lines, it will debut a collection of coordinating pillows and a line of hand-stitched baby blankets.

"The true focus of the company is to have a strong online presence, but that takes time," Lotuff said. "You have to build the brand to be able to achieve an organic search on Google, for instance. We want to show the product at gift shops where consumers can see and touch the blankets and build from there."

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