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Specialty Retailing Report

Love Plus Luxury Equal 15 Years For Bedded Bliss
 HTT Specialty Report
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Louisville, Ky. - Ask Donna Osif what made her pick Louisville as the best place to set up her luxury linens shop, Bedded Bliss, and she'll say it was love.

"Oh, God, yes," she told HTT recently. "Definitely."

Osif was in a long-distance relationship with her now-husband, Ernie Escamilla, back in 1996 when she decided her career need a change. She had spent 18 years as a buyer in the garment side of textiles, working for various companies, when one day she fell in love with a little gifts store in Knoxville.

"And I said to myself, ‘If I could pick something to do the rest of my life, it would be to run a shop like this,'" she recalled. It would take another three years for her to "finally get up the nerve to do it!"

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