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J.R. United to grow brand with Joy & Jake license

Miami, FL — After spending the past 35 years as one of the industry's lower profile competitors in the private label business, bedding and towel manufacturer and importer J.R. United Industries is actively seeking a more prominent presence in the marketplace.

J.R. United recently embarked on a campaign to grow its branded "by J.R. United" label. The company's private label business has been responsible for some 80 percent of its revenues.

Helping the company boost the in-house label business from just 20 percent of J.R. United's production and achieve its renewed focus is its recent licensing and marketing alliance with decorative pillow manufacturer Joy & Jake, also based here.

Aside from the new collections of towels and bedding goods the two companies will co-create as newly formed partners, Joy & Jake will also enhance J.R. United's marketing strategies to add more house brands to its roster and create a renewed product development effort for that business.

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