DuPont Textiles joins with Outlast on PCMs

Marvin Lazaro, November 4, 2002

DuPont Textiles & Interiors (DTI) is hoping that its latest alliance with Outlast Technologies represents a step toward its goal of delivering 25 innovations over the next five years.

Outlast Technologies, a Colorado-based company that design fibers, fabrics and foams with Adaptive Comfort Technology, has joined forces with DTI, the end result of which is designed to produce new products utilizing phase change materials (PCMs).

Outlast has patented its PCMs, which interactively absorb, store and release energy in response to the unique needs of each individual and the demands of the environment.

As part of the agreement, DTI assumes ownership of a percentage of Outlast and has agreed to work jointly with Outlast to leverage PCM technology "to design new products that extend the application possibilities and increase the value to the consumer."

According to Donna Kelloway, comfort products team manager for DTI, when applied to a sheet, PCMs continually absorb the heat of the user, initially providing a cooling effect. As the night passes and the user cools off, the PCMs release the absorbed heat via the sheet and provide a constantly warm bed. If the user gets out of bed, he or she returns to sheets as warm as when they had left them. Outlast's PCMs are called Thermocules and are already used by a variety of products, from gloves and apparel to industrial products.

"Outlast has the technology, and we are the experts in everything else," Kelloway told HTT, "so let's see what kind of products we can develop together.

"Hopefully we can come out with a more extensive offering than there is today."

David Trerotola, vp of Home & Industrial Textiles for DTI, said Outlast's partnership with DTI "will also yield new innovations in home and industrial products."

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