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Culp move to China slightly delayed by SARS

High Point, NC — Despite the spread of SARS, Culp is not changing the time line of its move into China for manufacturing, finishing, and cut-and-sew operations and distribution of upholstery and decorative fabrics.

But the company has decided "to wait until they get their arms around the problem — a 30- to 45-day delay — before we send people to China," said Ken Ludwig, senior vp, human resources. "We think it is the wise thing to do — not putting people in harm's way."

However, Michael Messer, newly named vp and general manager of the Chinese business, will be going over around the end of May. In addition, equipment for the 65,000-square-foot facility is in the process of shipping. "And we expect that by summer we will be ready as a business license — as we originally intended."

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