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  • Cecile Corral

David & Goliath at the beach

Proving it does indeed believe that "Chicks Rule," Haywin Textile recently partnered with license brand David and Goliath — known for its tongue-in-cheek, smart-alecky humor and images — for a collection of beach towels.

Set to hit stores this summer, the collection comprises 18 David and Goliath designs — nine classic looks and nine retro looks.

One classic look is "Chicks Rule," which features a large baby chick, while an example of a retro look is "Buck's Nudist Colony."

All of the towels are made in China of 100 percent cotton-fiber reactive velour, measure 34-by-64 inches, weigh 12.5 pounds per dozen, and are set to retail for $14.99 each.

The first stores to carry the collection include one major home specialty chain and several smaller boutique gift shops.