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Russian cultural riches to be licensed for home furnishings

New York – The archives and architecture of the great Russian palaces and museums will be available to Americans through an extensive new home furnishings licensing program.

Concept Marketing Group has been appointed to develop a broad range of products including furniture, home textiles, tableware, tiles, rugs, ornaments and accessories. The palaces and museums "are a virtual treasure trove of style and splendor," said Kerry Glasser, Concept Marketing’s founder. "This is an amazing opportunity for the home furnishings industry to leverage the glamour, majesty and mystery of Russia."

The properties involved include The Hermitage, the Winter Palace, Pavlovsk Palace and Park, and the Catherine Palace Museum. As an example of the scope of the collections, Glasser pointed out, "The Hermitage’s collection alone is so large that it would take years to view it in its entirety."