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Textile coalition vows to be kingmaker in 2004 election

SPARTANBURG, S.C. — A consortium of textile trade groups vowed yesterday to get every worker in the industry — almost 1 million people — to vote for the candidate they feel most strongly supports maintaining import quotas from China and preventing the loss of U.S. jobs overseas.

Allen Gant of Glen Raven Inc. said, "This industry is prepared to work hard on behalf of any candidate that makes an ironclad commitment on maintaining quotas on imports from China. We are also prepared to work hard against any candidate that will not defend our workers against these illegally subsidized imports. This industry is determined that we will make a difference in the 2004 election."

The group outlined four requirements for support: continued quota restraints on Chinese textiles imports, the extension of federal buy-American purchase requirements to additional national security agencies, opposition to all trade agreements carrying loopholes that allow overseas goods to slip in through the back door, and an end to further textiles tariff reductions under the WTO.>{?The coalition includes the National Textile Association, American Yarn Spinners Association, American Fiber Manufacturers Association, Nation Cotton Council of America, the American Manufacturing Trade Action Coalition and the American Textile Manufacturers Institute.

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