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  • Andrea Lillo

Milou Ket craves warmth in kitsch

The U.S. market has "a craving for warmth," said Dutch design forecaster Milou Ket. "People want insurance in the home."

Out of her seven color themes for next year, the palette Treasure Chest most closely fits with the American market, she said, with its base of dark and jeweled hues. This group of colors has a rich past with historical and ethnic influences. Materials will also reflect this, including damasks, brocades, velvets and double weaves. There are also more influences from classical themes overall for a "feeling of glamour," Ket said. People will mix luxurious materials with shiny elements such as silks and sequins, searching "for something special."

The neutrals in her Wood Grain group also stand out with natural colors reminiscent of varnished retro furniture. Textiles will play a prominent role in this group, with touchable materials such as sheepskin, suede and leather. In addition, "ethnic influences are everywhere," she said, noting that Japan has become a big influence with the way they its design treats such elements as flowers, geometrics and displaced proportions.

Ket's remaining palettes include Surprising Illusions, with very cool, feminine pastels; Over the Rainbow, a youth-oriented group of '50s colors; Color Cocktail, pairing brights with browns and blacks; Seabreeze, a light to dark range of mid-tones evoking a tranquil atmosphere, such as a home spa; and Frosted Glass, a colder color group based in architecture, including sheers and sunblasted glass.

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