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Letters to the editor

Over the past weeks since the horrific events of Sept. 11, I have been, like all of us, transfixed by the fallout and the subsequent actions of proud Americans everywhere.

We have given: blood to the Red Cross, money to the Red Cross, money to the fabulous firefighters and other wonderful support groups who have responded with courage and unconditional love for all involved.

With all this, I hear of a number of decisions of folks who do not want to fly or who do not want to come to our markets in New York in October because they are not comfortable with the airlines or the security in the city or whatever.

With all this giving, we then "taketh away"— that's right, we are then taking away the vital commerce New York needs to get back on its feet. Think of the people working in the hotels and restaurants, the shoeshines, the airport personnel, the cab and limo drivers and the hard-working folks who make New York tick and keep it clean and safe.

When we boycott New York and this market, we are acquiescing. We are not doing "business as usual" as the President has asked us all to do.

We need to get back on track for retailers and manufacturers alike. I feel the best way to do that is to try our very best to focus on business, our customers and getting back to normal.

All of us want to have a great 2001 and 2002, as well as to show each other we are good enough and courageous enough to make it happen — together!

Lonnie B. Scheps, vp, sales and marketing, Hudson Industries

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