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Park B. Smith introduces Table To Go

New York -- Park B. Smith Ltd. is cooking up a clever culinary device to help sell its newest collection of place mats. The Table To Go collection features an Italian dinner recipe -- Pasta Primavera -- attractively listed with a photograph of the final dish on the band wrap of these four-, eight- and 12-piece table linen sets.

The four-piece sets consist of four place mats; the 8-piece includes napkins; and the 12-piece includes napkin rings. Currently the sets are available in 15 colorways and one style. But the company expects to soon add more recipes -- including salads and other simple recipes for different courses -- per style. While the collection is still being developed, the company expects there to be about six styles total.

"We'll be adding a variety of things, and they'll be fairly simple recipes that will fit on that band," explained Diane McDowell, director of marketing and planning. "We’re scanning for the best recipes to include."