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The following list is arranged by company name, with individual entries — which are divided into "new hires/promotions" and "departures" — listed by date of executive change.

ABC Carpet & Home

New hires/promotions:

Roffe, Rita: dmm, home textiles, 11/12/01. (Roffe has since left the company.)

Albany International Corp.

New hires/promotions:

Gauss, Christine: international sales manager, 3/25/02.

American Trim Manufacturing Co.

New hires/promotions:

Gangi, Richard: founder, along with sons Rick and Dan, 12/17/01.

Nehlsen, Jim: head of sales, 12/17/01.

Artisan Group

New hires/promotions:

Kaplan, Burt: founder, 10/22/01.

Ashford Court

New hires/promotions:

Finch, Brent: general manager, 2/11/02.


Steele, Brent: general manager, 2/11/02.

Bardwil Linens

New hires/promotions:

Alexander, Judi: senior vp, marketing and product development, 3/4/02.


Hayes, Bonnie: senior vp, marketing and product development, 3/4/02.

Bath Unlimited

New hires/promotions:

Hare, Danielle: product development manager, 3/4/02.

Beacon Blankets

New hires/promotions:

Wooding, Harvey: senior vp and national sales manager, 11/5/01.

Dunlap, Brian: coo and cfo, 12/24/01.

Belding Hausman

New hires/promotions:

Morton, Bill: president and ceo, 2/4/02.

Big Lots

New hires/promotions:

Johnson, John: senior vp, gmm, 1/21/02.

Bachmann, Lisa: senior vp, merchandise planning, allocation and presentation, 3/25/02.


New hires/promotions:

Carracino, Marilyn: senior vp, merchandising, Bloomingdale's Direct, 1/21/02.

Brentwood Originals

New hires/promotions:

Domer, Jack: corporate vp: manufacturing, 1/21/02.

Evans, Kent: vp, finance, 1/21/02.

Sweet, Loren: president, 1/21/02.

Brittanica Home Fashions

New hires/promotions:

Queen, Larry: president and coo, 11/19/01.


New hires/promotions:

Vernon, Dave: senior vp, gmm, home, 2/18/02.

Burlington Rug Corp.

New hires/promotions:

Devlin, Robert: vp, product development and management, 10/12/01.

Pigott, Steve: plant manager, added operational duties, 10/12/01.

Charles Craft

New hires/promotions:

Ayers, Dwayne: to national sales manager, kitchen textiles division, 11/19/01.


Kanzler, Tim: national sales manager, kitchen textiles division, 11/19/01.

Chris Stone & Associates

New hires/promotions:

Bernstein, Andrea: director of marketing, 1/7/02.

Clark Holdings LLC

New hires/promotions:

Zales, Bill: ceo, 4/1/02.

Richter, Egle: vp, design, 4/1/02.


New hires/promotions:

Connell, Jane: sales manager, 2/18/02.

Concord Fabrics


Poletto, Russ: converter, Concord Home, 11/19/01.

Viars, Jeanie: design director, Concord Home, 11/19/01.

Burnim, Roger: vp, Concord Home, 4/1/02.

Cranston Print Works

New hires/promotions:

Sullivan, Melissa: assistant stylist, Cranston Consumer Products, Rhode Island Studio, 2/18/02.

Spivack, Heidi: vp, design, 3/25/02.


New hires/promotions:

Carillo, Luz: vp: direct marketing, 10/29/01.

Kurtzman, Julie: vp, public relations and strategic alliances, 10/29/01.

Mortell, Kate: vp, print production and marketing logistics, 10/29/01.

Trimble, Richard: director of inventory planning, 10/29/01.

Wolman, Hope: vp, marketing, 10/29/01.

Engebretson, Mark: senior vp, sourcing and production, 11/19/01.

Taffet, Edward: senior vp, general counsel and secretary, 11/19/01.

Targas, Susan: senior vp, sourcing and production, 11/19/01.

Jarvis, Brian: executive vp, store operations, 12/3/01.


Schmidt, Timothy: senior vp, general counsel and secretary, 11/19/01.


New hires/promotions:

Ghitis, Bill: to head the Apparel unit, Apparel and Textiles Sciences, 11/26/01.

Trerotola, Dave: vp, Global Home and Industrial Textiles, Apparel and Textiles Sciences, 11/26/01.

Duralee Fabrics

New hires/promotions:

Katz, Robert: sales manager, 2/4/02.


Jordan, Denny: sales manager, 2/4/02.

Eddie Bauer

New hires/promotions:

Kerr, Paul, vp: sourcing and production, 1/7/02.

Staudinger, Mark: vp, marketing, 1/7/02.

828 International Trading Co.

New hires/promotions:

Andolino, Len: vp, sales, 3/25/02.


Roan, Steve: vp, sales, 3/25/02.


New hires/promotions:

Bergren, Byron: president and ceo, 1/28/02.

Ellison Textiles

New hires/promotions:

Coulter, Jason: director of computer-aided design operations, 10/12/01.

Elrene Home Fashions

New hires/promotions:

Ciaccio, Maureen: regional sales manager, 3/18/02.

Ex-Cell Home Fashions


Panariello, John: vp, merchandising, decorative pillow division, 12/17/01.

Famous Home Fashions

New hires/promotions:

Gosselin, Chantal: national sales manager, Canada, 3/4/02.

Grainger, Allison: assistant to design and product development director, 3/4/02.

Kenney, William: design and product development director, 3/4/02.

Veeramootoo, Joyce: assistant to president and sales support, 3/4/02.

Faribault Woolen Mills

New hires/promotions:

Freudenthal, Danielle: business development manager, 10/12/01.

Meyers, Catherine: vp, design, added total brand development duties, 10/12/01.

Moesler, Gael: customer relations manager, 10/12/01.

Sturm, Sue: business development manager, 10/12/01.

Woodside, Alan: executive vp, sales and marketing, 10/12/01.


Clark, Jill: as vp, sales, 10/12/01.

Fashion Industries

New hires/promotions:

Hinston, Donna: account manager, 10/22/01.

Saleh, James: vp, rug division, 10/22/01.

Swearingen, Gerrit: account manger, 10/22/01.

Winderbaum, Carolyn: vp, design, table linens, 2/11/02.


Kydd, Westfield: vp, design, table linens, 2/11/02.

Federated Department Stores

New hires/promotions:

Bernal, Gina: divisional vp, merchandise manager, special sizes, The Bon Marché, 12/24/01.

Bulen, Fiona: senior vp, planning, The Bon Marché, 12/24/01.

Hatfield, Jerry: divisional vp, tabletop, The Bon Marché, 12/24/01.

Hessler, Scott: senior vp, gmm, Homeworld, The Bon Marché, 12/24/01.

Qualiotto, Janet: divisional vp, Six Sigma, The Bon Marché, 12/24/01.

Mendoza, Peter: senior vp, bridal strategy and development, Federated Direct, 2/11/02.

Lundgren, Terry: president and chief merchandising officer, added coo title, 3/18/02.


Tomchin, Julian: senior vp, special merchandising projects, Macy's West, 1/21/02.

Sherman, Jeffrey: chairman and ceo, Federated Direct, 2/25/02.


New hires/promotions:

Richer, Erica: managing director, home furnishings division, 12/10/01.

F. Schumacher & Co.

New hires/promotions:

Williams, Dale: president, Waverly Lifestyle Group, 2/4/02.

Kilby, Joseph: design director, Schumacher Contract, 3/25/02.


Michaels, Christiane: president and general manager, Waverly Lifestyle Group, 11/19/01.

George Little Management

New hires/promotions:

Bennett, Renee: buyer services representative, 12/3/01.

Guilford Mills

New hires/promotions:

Carroll, Mason: vp, operations and global sourcing, added product management duties, Guilford Home Fashions, 10/12/01.

Chilton, Jeff: vp, national sales manager, Guilford Home Fashions, 10/12/01.

Durkin, Molly: vp, special accounts, Guilford Home Fashions, 10/12/01.


Dinan, Maureen: manager, advertising and licensing, 12/10/01.

Doherty, Mike: vp, special accounts, Guilford Home Fashions, 10/12/01.

Hanover Direct

New hires/promotions:

Lambert, Edward: executive vp, cfo, 1/21/02.


Harriss, Brian: executive vp, cfo, 1/21/02.

Haywin Textile Products

New hires/promotions:

Schlang, Charlie: director, business development and specialty stores, 2/4/02.

(Schlang is also founder and ceo, Renaissance America.)

Granger, Maureen: vp, merchandising, 2/25/02.

Grimson, Erica: product manager, product development division, 2/25/02.

Parker, Bryan: senior product manager, product development division, 2/25/02.

Hollander Home Fashions

New hires/promotions:

Varn, Wright: vp, Basic Bedding division, 3/18/02.

Homemaker Industries

New hires/promotions:

Kelly, Michael: executive vp, coo, 12/10/01.

Home Shopping Network

New hires/promotions:

Iodice, Anita: vp, home fashions, 12/10/01.


New hires/promotions:

Cote, David: president, ceo and member of the board, 2/25/02.

Hunter Douglas

New hires/promotions:

Burdick, Kathy: director of brand advertising, corporate marketing group, 2/4/02.

Marrone, Maureen: director of visual merchandising, corporate marketing group, 2/4/02.

Pellett, Richard: president and general manager, Hunter Douglas Window Fashions, 2/4/02.

Steyer, Penny: director of marketing communications, corporate marketing group, 2/4/02.

Jo-Ann Stores

New hires/promotions:

Dandy, Bill: senior vp, marketing, 12/10/01.


New hires/promotions:

Blunck, Richard: ceo,, 11/12.01.

McDonald, John: executive vp and cfo, 11/19/01.

Adamson, James: chairman, 1/21/02.

Hutchinson, Ronald: executive vp and chief restructuring officer, 1/28/02.

Hueber, Paul: president, International division, 2/11/02.

Jardina, Michael: president, Super centers, 2/11/02.

Marsico, David: senior vp, sales and marketing, 2/11/02.

Meissner, Douglas: president, Northeast division, 2/11/02.

Montoya, David: senior vp, specialty operations, 2/11/02.

Treadway, Gregg: executive vp, store operations, 2/11/02.

Viliborghi, Lee: president, West division, 2/11/02.

Wulfers, William: president, Southeast division, 2/11/02.


Schwartz, Mark: president and coo, 1/21/02.

Conaway, Chuck: ceo, relinquished chairman title, 1/21/02; resigned as ceo, 3/18/02.

Rots, David: executive vp, chief administrative officer, 4/1/02.

D'Onofrio, Tony: executive vp, chief supply chain officer, Kmart, 4/1/02.

Montoya, David: senior vp, specialty operations, 4/1/02.

Owen, John: gmm, hardlines, 4/1/02.

Anguiano, Leo: senior vp, asset protection, 4/1/02.

Koch Industries

New hires/promotions:

Rocha, Eduardo: senior member of ceo's staff, KoSa, 11/26/01.


Rocha, Eduardo: stepped down as vp and general manager, textile fabrics, KoSa, 11/26/01.

Lace Lastics Co.

Tippin, Barbara: vp, sales and marketing, 3/25/02.

Weise, Rosemary Skelton: sales manager, Oxford House/Canyon Creek, 3/25/02.

Lacey Mills

Williams, Sandra: corporate account specialist, Lacey Mills, 3/18/02.

Lands' End

Giannantonio, Frank: senior vp, chief information officer, 3/4/02.

Centner, Karen: vp, gmm, e-commerce and international, 4/1/02.

Dahlen, Karl: vp, senior legal officer, 4/1/02.

Gloudeman, Tom: vp, recruitment and development, 4/1/02.

Peterson, Randy: vp, engineering and facilities services, 4/1/02.

Lanscot-Arlen Fabrics

New hires/promotions:

Ripley, Peter: creative director, contract and special projects, 10/22/01.

Volpe, Jerry: sales specialist, manufacturing market, 10/22/01.

Wilson, Patty: domestic sales manager, 10/22/01.


Gargiulo, Ed: export manager, 2/4/02.

Latex International

New hires/promotions:

Bruneau, Ron: division manager, Latex International West, 1/14/01.

Linens' N Things

New hires/promotions:

Silver, Scott, vp, gmm, sheets, comforters, bath, 2/18/02

Majestic Rug Co.

New hires/promotions:

Griffin, Maureen: director, marketing and sales promotions, 10/29/01.

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia

New hires/promotions:

Nandkeolyar, Shelly: executive vp, president, Internet/direct commerce, 12/24/01.

May Department Stores Company

New hires/promotions:

Danahy, John: vice chairman, May Merchandising Company and May Department Stores International, 3/11/02.

Nicks, Duane: chairman, Famous-Barr, 3/11/02.


Hageman, James: chairman, May Merchandising Company and May Department Stores International, announced retirement, 3/11/02.

Hofer, Judith: ceo, May Merchandising Company and May Department Stores International, announced retirement, 3/11/02.

NooNoo Rug Company

New hires/promotions:

Grasse, David: president, 1/28/02.

Newman, Eugene: chairman, 1/28/02.

Obeetee Ltd.

New hires/promotions:

Ward, Bill: ceo, 12/24/01.


Argarwal, Pradeep: president, relinquished ceo title, 12/24/01.

Oriental Weavers of America

New hires/promotions:

VanderWerf, Brian: regional vp, Northeast, 11/5/01.

Ostrow Wholesale Company

New hires/promotions:

Reading, Bill: senior vp, general manager, Home Based Creations, 2/11/02.

Park B. Smith

New hires/promotions:

Smith, Sheri: sales manager, 12/17/01.

Peacock Alley

New hires/promotions:

Needleman, Leslie: vp, creative services, 3/25/02.

Pierre Deux

New hires/promotions:

Kelly, Sue: vp, merchandising, 11/19/01.


New hires/promotions:

Shafran, Joe: to head company, 12/17/01.


Smithson, Andrew: ceo, 12/10/01.

Renaissance America

New hires/promotions:

Schlang, Charlie: founder, ceo, 2/4/02. (Schlang is also director, business development and specialty stores.)

Restoration Hardware

New hires/promotions:

Shahan, Kevin: cfo, 11/26/01.

Rytex Fabrics

New hires/promotions:

Kneitel, Ron: founded Fabreka, a division of Rytex Fabrics, 11/19/01.


New hires/promotions:

Parge, Howard: senior vp, stores, Parisian, 2/11/02.

Sears, Roebuck and Co.

New hires/promotions:

Domingue, Charles: dmm, boys 2 to 20, children's division, 11/5/01.

Bufano, Kathryn: executive vp, softlines, 12/10/01.

Hollister, Brent: president and coo, Sears Canada, 4/1/02.

Mettler, Mark: dmm, bed, bath and window coverings, Sears, Roebuck and Co., 4/1/02.

Pizzella, Barbara: vp, gmm, area rugs, housewares and luggage, Sears, Roebuck and Co., 4/1/02.

Sferra Bros.

New hires/promotions:

Benton, Janet: to head licensing and special projects division, 12/17/01.

Piccininni, JoAnn: director, product development, 12/17/01.


New hires/promotions:

Wurl, Douglas: division senior vp, gmm, home, 1/7/02.


Ramsey, Gary: president and coo, 11/19/01.

Ausick, Rick: division senior vp, gmm, home, 1/7/02.

S. Lichtenberg

New hires/promotions:

Vetrone, Gary: account executive for JCPenney, 3/18/02.

Sleep Innovations


Queen, Larry: executive vp, 10/29/01.

Spiegel Catalog

New hires/promotions:

Cvikota, Lynette: vp, home, 2/4/02.

S. Shamash & Sons

New hires/promotions:

Kiley, Kevin: president, 1/7/02.


White, Jeffrey: president, 1/7/02.

Springs Industries

New hires/promotions:

Riggs, Dean: executive vp, home furnishings operations, 11/12/01.

Raggio, Reed: vp and team leader, 12/17/01.

Stone-Cline Home Fashions


Persson, Warren: vp, sales, 12/3/01.

Stone Brook Linens

New hires/promotions:

Flannigan, Ron: independent sales representative, 2/25/02.

Gottfried, Sofia: sales representative, 2/25/02.

Liguori, Ron: sales representative, 2/25/02.

Papp, James: sales representative, 2/25/02.

Stroheim & Romann

New hires/promotions:

Sullivan, Daniel: vp, sales, 2/18/02.


New hires/promotions:

Difani, Pat: regional manager for stores, 2/4/02.

Hakari, Ed: creative director, 2/4/02.

Stroud, Jeff: senior vp, stores, Internet and marketing, 2/4/02.

The Fitzpatrick Companies

New hires/promotions:

Kavanaugh, Leo: vp, merchandising, Country Curtains, 2/11/02.


Bender, Lillian: vp, merchandising, Country Curtains, 2/11/02.

The Home Depot

New hires/promotions:

Petke, Ken: global product merchant for soft flooring, Expo Design Center, 1/28/02.

Barron, Millard: senior vp, store merchandising, 3/18/02.


Moberg, Anders: president, international division, 1/7/02.

The Spiegel Group

New hires/promotions:

Ittner, George: chairman and ceo, Newport News, 2/4/02.

Madonna, Geralynn: president and coo, Newport News, 2/4/02.


Fersch, Richard: president, ceo, Eddie Bauer, 1/7/02.

Thomaston Mills

New hires/promotions:

Wischnia, Eric: co-president and director of manufacturing, 12/24/01.

Value City Department Stores

New hires/promotions:

Blanton, Raymond: senior vp, coo, Value City, 2/4/02.

Kozlowski, Edwin: executive vp, coo, Value City, 2/4/02.

Rossler, John: president, Value City, 2/4/02.

Schlensinger, Alan: president and ceo, Filene's Basement, 2/4/02.

Rossler, John: president, added ceo title, Value City, 4/1/02.


Kolber, George: ceo, Value City, 4/1/02.

Vernon Plastics

New hires/promotions:

Lombardo, Tom: president, Vernon Plastics, 4/1/02.


New hires/promotions:

Fleming, John: coo,, 11/26/01.

Mikita, Lois: senior vp, gmm, men's and boy's apparel, housewares, domestics, decorative home, and fabrics and crafts, 2/4/02.

Pilozzi, Mario: president and ceo, Canadian division, 2/4/02.


Jackson, Jeanne: as coo,, 11/26/01.

Reaves, Dennis: senior vp, gmm, men's and boy's apparel, housewares, domestics, decorative home, and fabrics and crafts, 2/4/02.

Westover & Associates

Falk, Michelle: partner and vp, executive recruiting, 1/28/02.

WestPoint Stevens

New hires/promotions:

Birkins, Art: president, Basic Bedding division, 10/12/01.

Burke, Tom: vp, business operations, Basic Bedding division, 10/12/01.

Cwirko, Kathleen: senior vp, marketing services, Bed and Bath division, 10/12/01.

Dale, Bob: president, Bed and Bath division, 10/12/01.

England, David: vp, manufacturing, Basic Bedding division, 10/12/01.

Howard, Scott: vp, sales, Basic Bedding division, 10/12/01.

Hurston, John: vp, manufacturing, bath products, 10/12/01.

Kennedy, Alan: vp, merchandising, Basic Bedding division, 10/12/01.

Lanier, R.R.: vp, manufacturing, bed products, 10/12/01.

Tarver, Gregory: senior vp, bath, Bed and Bath division, 10/12/01.

Cafaro, John: vp, sales, Kmart, Sears and regional mass retailers, bed and bath division, 11/12/01.

Fontenot, Chip: president and coo, named director, 2/18/02.


Bledsoe, Lanny: senior vp, manufacturing, 3/25/02.

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