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Ex-Cell Home alters product, packaging for green goals

At the New York Market – Ex-Cell Home Fashions’ “green story” this market centers on the company’s shift from PVC to EVA product, making its vinyl shower curtain assortment free from chlorine gas emissions.

The company also reduced the size of the packaging used for these products while also switching the packaging construction to EVA. And the paper insert for the packaging has likewise been reduced in size.

As always, Ex-Cell translates many of its middle- to higher-end looks in bath to this more promotional category. And EVA allows it to achieve these looks as PVC did, but in a more eco-friendly manner.

Another “green” initiative for Ex-Cell comes in its placemat offerings. For this specific collection the company is using more sustainable materials like bamboo, paper, recycled cotton, old wrappers, recycled newspapers and magazines, recycled aluminum cans, and recycled acrylic to make a broad variety of styles and looks in table linen goods.