Sleep Innovations debuts foam-based lineup

New York — Sleep Innovations took the basic bedding market a step further this market with the introduction of its latest line of foam-based products, Novaform "naturals."

Featuring a 5-pound visco-elastic foam core surrounded by an outer layer of goose down with a natural cotton cover in various constructions and thread counts, the West Long Branch, NJ-based company unveiled over 40 products in its showroom. From bed pillows to mattress pads to various kinds of comfort pillows such as neck rolls, travel pillows and comfort wedges, the entire line was showcased prominently as the opening statement.

"We've taken down, which sells very well, and visco-elastic foam, which also sells well, and took them both to the highest level," said Michael Fux, president. "I decided the only way to go was up."

Retail price points will vary. A standard size pillow, for example, will be offered at approximately $100.

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