Players Scorecard

Appointments and personnel changes since February Market (through September 8, 2008)

Date following entry indicates the issue of HTT in which the entry appeared.

Adams, Roger

Named svp, chief marketing officer, Lord and Taylor, 4/21/2008

Anderson, Charles

Named director of stores, Bloomingdale's, 5/19/2008

Bannon, Pat

Named director of design, Zheng Zhang, 5/19/2008

Beers, Charlotte

Added to Board of Directors, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, 4/7/2008

Bere, David

Named president, chief strategy officer, Dollar General, 4/21/2008

Berman, Frank

Named senior vp-marketing, Bloomingdale's, 5/19/2008

Bifulco, Frank

Named svp and chief marketing officer, The Home Depot, 5/5/2008

Boneparth, Peter

Added to Board of Directors, Kohl's, 5/19/2008

Bowles, Thomas

Named ceo, Berkshire Blanket, 7/7/2008

Bowman, Stephanie

Named evp, cfo, Tuesday Morning, 4/21/2008

Caplan, Bill

Named creative director, Loftex USA, 7/28/2008

Caplan, Nancy

Named svp, soft home division, HSN, 7/7/2008

Capranos, Ron

Named svp, manufacturing, Hollander Home Fashions, 6/23/2008

Cataldo, Bob

Named president, Winners, TJX Companies, 8/18/2008

Chapin, Christopher

Named svp, store operations, Big Lots, 6/2/2008

Cohen, Irwin

Added to Board of Directors, Stein Mart, 2/25/2008

Cohen, Jonathan

Named coo, Stanton Carpet, 7/14/2008

Coloian, Chuck

Named account manager, Ohio, 828 International, 8/11/2008

Connolly, Meg

Named executive vp, U.S. operations, Abhishek Industries, 9/8/2008

Copeland, Carson

Promoted to coo, Valdese Weavers, 4/7/2008

DeCarlo, Damian

Named national accounts manager, American Textile, 2/25/2008

Del Pozo, Linda

Named svp, bath merchandising, WestPoint Home, 6/9/2008

DeLettera, Amy

Named account manager, 828 International, 5/5/2008

Deveau, Michael

Named sales rep, Northeast, Company C, 6/9/2008

DiMuro, Joseph

Named evp, chief marketing officer, NexCen, 4/7/2008

Dinicola, Robert

Resigned as executive chairman, became non-executive chairman, Linens 'N Things, 9/8/2008

Doroff, Frank

Named vice chairman, Bloomingdale's, 3/10/2008

Earles, Jason

Named vp-sales and marketing for Circa 1801, Valdese Weavers, 5/5/2008

Edelman, Daniel

Appointed president-international retail development, Macy's, 5/19/2008

Elefonte, Maris

Named director of product development and design, bath division, Aussino, 9/1/2008

Ernewein, Doug

Named vp-product development and training, Rizzy Rugs, 5/19/2008

Evans, Roy

Named vp-sales and marketing, Colonial Mills Inc., 4/21/2008

Faktorovich, Anna

Named director of marketing and strategic brand management, London Luxury, 3/24/2008

Fanderl, Stephan

Named president, Wal-Mart Emerging Markets East, Wal-Mart, 4/21/2008

Foote, Mark

Named president, ceo, Zeller's, 8/11/2008

Garrett, Aylin

Named territory manager, western region, Feizy Rugs, 8/11/2008

Garrison, Snyder

Named cfo, cao, Valdese Weavers, 4/7/2008

Geisler, Robin

Named licensing director, NexCen Home Studios, 3/24/2008

Giacomini, Frank

Named coo, cfo, Elrene Home Fashions, 2/25/2008

Gilmartin, Jane

Named executive vp, coo, Duckwall-ALCO Stores, 7/28/2008

Gissell, Terry

Named national accounts manager, residential sales division, Couristan, 6/23/2008

Goodman, John

Named president and ceo, Mervyns, 3/24/2008

Gosselin, Chantal

Named vp-sales, Famous Home Fashions, 2/25/2008

Grassi, Chris

Appointed working partner, Keeco, 9/8/2008

Gregg, Jeff

Promoted to president, Revere Mills, 6/2/2008

Guzzetta, Frank

Named president, Ralph Lauren Home Collection, Polo Ralph Lauren Group, 8/11/2008

Hagler, Kim

Named inside sales specialist, Riegel Consumer Products, 8/11/2008

Hall, Kenneth

Named evp,cfo, treasurer, NexCen, 4/7/2008

Hall, Sara

Named technical design director, Glen Raven Custom Fabrics-Americas, 5/19/2008

Harris Millard, Wenda

Named co-ceo, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, 6/23/2008

Harrison, Robert

Named president and coo, Macy's West, 5/19/2008

Heller, Rick

Named president and ceo, Sleep Innovations, 9/1/2008

Herrman, Ernie

Named senior executive vp and group president, TJX Companies, 8/18/2008

Hicks, Ken

Added to Board of Directors, JCPenney, 4/7/2008

Hill, William

Named vp, sales, Bon Motif, 7/14/2008

Homler, Robert

Resigned as evp, Linens 'N Things, 9/8/2008

Huffman, Anita

Named vp/controller, Valdese Weavers, 4/7/2008

Jennings, Eric

Named fashion director, men's, home, food and gifts, Saks, 9/8/2008

Jesson, Paul

Named vp-area rug division, Beaulieau Canada, 8/18/2008

Johnson III, Jonathan

Named president,, 8/18/2008

Johnson, Robert

Named vp, director of planning, budgeting, forecasting, JCPenney, 6/2/2008

Jones, Dale

Added to Board of Directors, Kohl's, 5/19/2008

Katz, Glori

Named svp-marketing and advertising, Stein Mart, 5/19/2008

Kennedy, Alan

Named svp, sales, WestPoint Home, 6/9/2008

Kilkowski, Bruce

Named vp, director of procurement, JCPenney, 6/2/2008

Klein, Gary

Named vp-finance, Iconix Brand Group, 4/21/2008

Larkey, Mike

Named consultant, Fortunoff, 9/1/2008

Legreca, Carl

Named president, Croscill, 6/2/2008

Lopez, Raoul

Named svp-down comforter, mattress pad division, Hollander Home Fashions, 3/24/2008

Maddalene, Scott

Named senior vp, Ralph Lauren/marketing, WestPoint Home, 4/7/2008

Maffei-Toolan, Pam

Named vp-design, P/K Lifestyles, 3/24/2008

Mallow, Howie

Named evp-sales and marketing, Achim Importing, 2/25/2008

Mandracchia, Liz

Named vp-marketing, public relations, NexCen Home Studios, 3/24/2008

Mansell, Kevin

Named president, ceo, Kohl's, 9/1/2008

Mansker, Jimmy

Promoted to svp, merchandising planning and internet marketing, The Bon-Ton Stores, 5/5/2008

Marino, Robin

Named co-ceo, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, 6/23/2008

McCabe, Peter

Made vp, business development, Northwest Co., 6/23/2008

McCafferty, Lonnie

Named vp, store operations, Family Dollar, 9/1/2008

McMillan, Michael

Named chairman, MarMaxx group, TJX Companies, 8/18/2008

Miller, Dennis

Named svp, controller, JCPenney, 6/2/2008

Millinor, Blake

Named president, Contract division, Valdese Weavers, 4/7/2008

Millstein, Allan

Named global managing director, RBC division, Tai Ping, 6/23/2008

Mischinski, Paul

Named evp, merchandising and marketing , WestPoint Home, 7/28/2008

Mitchell, Thomas

Named president, ceo, International Home Furnishings Center, 7/7/2008

Moore, Willis

Named evp, cfo, International Textile Group, 6/2/2008

Murray, Marion

Named vp, creative services, Covington Fabric & Design, 6/23/2008

Noberini, Anthony

Promoted to vp-design, NexCen Home Studios, 3/24/2008

Noyes, Wendy

Named account manager, 828 International, 6/23/2008

O'Brien, Daphne

Named head of export, Croscill, 2/25/2008

O'Neill, Bob

Named svp, sales, top-of-bed division, Leggett & Platt, 7/28/2008

O'Neill, Rob

Named vp, product development and merchandising, top-of-bed, Leggett & Platt, 7/28/2008

Palmer, Tonio

Named ceo, Annie Selke Cos., 6/2/2008

Parrish, Lara

Named vp-sales, Levinsohn Textiles, 5/5/2008

Passarelli, Angela

Hired to develop new business opportunities, Jeffrey Fabrics, 6/2/2008

Pillow, Terry

Named ceo, Tommy Bahama group, Oxford Industries, 3/24/2008

Pilnock, Lanie

Named svp-brand management, Iconix Brand Group, 4/21/2008

Pollack, Patsy

Named evp, merchandising, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, 8/11/2008

Quarta, Elizabeth

Named operating vp, corporate media, Bloomingdale's, 7/14/2008

Rapp, Jason

Named ceo, division, IAC, 6/9/2008

Reed, Janet

Named associate director, environmental research, Cotton Inc., 9/1/2008

Reed, Stu

Named svp, president, home services, Sears Holdings, 9/1/2008

Riviera, Jodi

Named chief creative director, Portico Home & Spa, 5/5/2008

Rollins, Kevin

Added to Board of Directors, Sears Holdings, 2/25/2008

Rothamel, Paul

Named president and ceo, Pamida, 4/7/2008

Rothschild, Stephen

Named national account manager, sheeting and terry division, Riegel, 7/7/2008

Sanchez, Phillip

Promoted to vp, director of investor relations, JCPenney, 6/2/2008

Sanderson, Julie

Named vp, director of print design, P/Kaufmann, 6/9/2008

Sanger, Debbie

Named vp, merchandising, Veratex, 9/8/2008

Scotto, Kristine

Named vp-sales, Company C, 4/21/2008

Severson, John

Named cfo , Covington Fabric & Design, 6/23/2008

Shmidman, Yehuda

Promoted to svp, business development, Iconix Brand Group, 4/21/2008

Siegel, Bryan

Named chairman of the board, Elrene Home Fashions, 2/25/2008

Siegel, Craig

Named president, Elrene Home Fashions, 2/25/2008

Slotkin, Todd

Added to Board of Directors, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, 4/7/2008

Spencer, Bill

Named national sales, marketing manager, Hallmart Collectibles, 7/14/2008

Spring, Tony

Named president, Bloomingdale's, 3/10/2008

Stengel, Dan

Named president, ceo, U.S. Operations, Keeco, 6/23/2008

Stoutnar, Colleen

Named marketing manager, Capel Inc., 7/7/2008

Striano, Nicole

Named director of product development and design, bedding division, Aussino, 9/1/2008

Swirbul, Jay

Named vp-sales and marketing, Chris Stone, Inc., 6/2/2008

Talbert, Michael

Hired to handle sales, bedding and bath, Southeast, Midwest, Veratex, 2/25/2008

Taylor, Zachary

Named svp-sales and marketing, Valdese Weavers, 4/7/2008

Tesija, Kathee

Named evp-merchandising, Target, 4/21/2008

Topping, Bill

Named account manager, 828 International, 4/21/2008

Vanden Berge, John

Named ceo, Revere Mills, 6/2/2008

Venberg, Bryan

Named svp-human resources, Family Dollar, 3/24/2008

Viall, Martha

Named director of design, JLA Home Fabrics, 9/1/2008

Voorhis, Greg

Named decorative fabrics design manager, Glen Raven Custom Fabrics-Americas, 5/19/2008

Walters, Bob

Named vp-customer relations, Valdese Weavers, 5/5/2008

Washburn, Tammy

Named regional accounts manager, Kaleen Rugs, 5/19/2008

Wells, Randy

Named vp, Las Vegas Design Center, 9/8/2008

Wicker, Gina

Named director of design, Glen Raven Custom Fabrics-Americas, 5/19/2008

Wygle, Brian

Named acting ceo, Chris Stone, Inc., 6/2/2008

Zant, David

Named executive vp, gmm-home, men's, Belk, 3/10/2008

Zigerelli, Lawrence

Named president, ceo , Duckwall-ALCO Stores, 7/7/2008

Zobrist, Debbie

Named inside sales specialist, Riegel Consumer Products, 8/11/2008

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