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Letter To The Editor

Not a Laughing Matter

W hile we were pleased that HTT printed our "Letter to the Editor" in the July 9 edition (albeit edited), we were quite disturbed to see the inclusion of Alen York's cartoon and several incorrect statements made in his letter.

Firstly, the cartoon is clear mockery of the industry, and more specifically the HFPA and GLM — both of which for years have been instrumental in bringing the industry together for all (including HTT) to enhance their businesses. While HTT may not realize the severity of the current situation, it is serious, and making fun only exacerbates the dilemma at hand. No one wins, not even the World Market Center.

Secondly, the letter's comment that "GLM cannot move its dates because it is committed to other trade shows" is incorrect. GLM cannot move its dates because GLM is dependent upon the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center — and if the Javits Center isn't available, then GLM cannot produce a market at that time.

The letter's other comment, "As far as GLM is concerned, they can hook onto the new market week dates" is also incorrect. Alen doesn't understand the complexity of producing markets, particularly in New York City where exhibition space is limited. GLM cannot simply hook onto new market dates — if GLM could, the current market week fragmentation would not exist.

On numerous occasions GLM has been reminded by HTT's editor that the newspaper takes pride in its accuracy of information, yet we continually see inaccuracies on HTT pages, including those above. It is surprising that no one at HTT would take the time to check facts about GLM before printing Alen York's letter, which clearly misrepresents GLM.

It is also surprising that HTT doesn't print facts about how the controversial market dates came to be. For years, GLM did everything in its power to coordinate the New York Home Textiles Show® with the industry's most desired market dates. GLM, the industry at large and HFPA worked together (quite well) for the benefit of the majority.

It is quite ironic that an industry association would take the first step to splinter its own constituents. I'm sure HTT is aware that the HFPA board took it upon itself to announce new "market" dates despite knowledge that GLM could not obtain space for a concurrent show, and, HFPA survey feedback indicated that showroom tenants benefit from market concurrency with the New York Home Textiles Show.


Penny Sikalis, VP, GLM LLC

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