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Carpenter ups capacity with new equipment

Richmond, VA — Carpenter Co. has increased the company's quilting capacity significantly, with the addition of new equipment.

The Richmond, VA-based company, known for its foam-based product line, said new high-speed quilters had increased quilting capacity by 67 percent. Quilting for the polyester pillow division also increased by 57 percent thanks to the new machinery. According to Dan Schecter, vp of sales and marketing, consumers products division, the expansion in capacity came in response to the company's commitment to meet customer's orders more quickly.

"Demand for our products increased to the point where we had to invest to take care of our current customers, but also for the increase we expect down the road," Schecter said. "We are very excited about the future and the increasing demand for our value-added products, not only in polyester but also foam."

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