Purcell adds Treatex to high-end lineup

Italian textile mill Treatex has joined the family of high-end decorative fabric mills represented in the United States by the Purcell-Letchinger Group.

Treatex, based in northern Italy, specializes in better and upper-end drapery fabrics, according to Andrew Purcell, president, Purcell-Letchinger. The product mix includes constructions of polyester/linen, silk/polyester, cotton/linen, cotton/polyester. The fabrics are offered in 60-, 118- and 130-inch widths.

Price points for the 118-inch width ranges generally from $12 to $16, as well as some significantly higher, Purcell noted.

The fabrics will be warehoused at the Purcell-Letchinger facility here.

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