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If a movie was made about your life, who would you choose to play you?

Ann Gish, founder Ann Gish

A: "I'd have to say Monica Vitti, and only people my age would know who she is. She's an Italian movie star, and I thought she was wonderful. And I loved the way she looked. [Candice Bergen as] Murphy Brown is my choice for my crabby self. My son says Ann-Margaret, but I'll stick with Monica Vitti."

Neil Zuber, president Ashford Court

A: "Park Smith. He's the best actor I know, and we worked together for seven years, so he knows me very well. We're also the same age."

Peter McCabe, executive vp Biederlack of America

A: "I have to go with the obvious — Billy Barty. For those who are too young to remember, he was the lead munchkin in 'The Wizard of Oz.' And my stunt double would be Danny DeVito."

Dan Schecter, vp, sales and marketing, consumer products division Carpenter Co.

A: "Pierce Brosnan. Because I look so much like him. It must be an age thing."

Charles D. Owen Jr., chairman Charles D. Owen Mfg.

A: "I guess it'd have to be Robert Redford. Heck, I don't know who else could do it."

Rick Lipton, national sales manager Creative Bath Products

A: "Robert Redford, in the movie 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.' I love the part when they're standing up on the rocks, about to jump, and Sundance says, 'I can't swim,' to which Butch Cassidy replies, 'Don't worry about it; the jump will kill you anyway.' I feel like that's what our industry's climate is today."

David Kahn, ceo and president Croscill Home

A: "I'd like it to be any role that Al Pacino had other than 'Dog Day Afternoon.' He's always cool."

Donna Kelloway, business manager, bedding products DuPont

A: "Jacqueline Kennedy. Because I always aspire to have that much class."

Mark Siegel, owner Elrene Home Fashions

A: "I would only want one actor to be cast as myself. That would be Tom Hanks. He is a proven great actor, and I feel he could get across my passion for life and my fourth generation business — and my upmost importance on both family values and credibility."

Carolyn Winderbaum, vp, design Fashion Industries

A: "I would choose Brooke Shields in a movie about my life because I've always wanted to be taller!"

Barry Leonard, ceo Glenoit Corp.

A: "That would probably have to be Mel Gibson. He's about my age, and he's had a pretty full life — a little bit wild while he was young and then settling down to be a good family man. Besides, he's the only man my wife loves more than me, and maybe if he played me I'd get lucky and get to play him."

Steve Mazarakis, president Hellenic Rug Imports

A: "My choice would be Al Pacino. His personality, age, and looks and the fact that he's originally from the Bronx would make him the best match, though I am better-looking."

Jeff Hollander, coo Hollander Home Fashions

A: "I would pick Jim Carrey to portray me because he is extremely capable of handling the many diverse aspects of my evolving story. Plus he gets all the hot girls, and I would live vicariously through that!"

Steve Jeffrey, president Imex Vinyl Packaging

A: "James Gandolfini. Take no prisoners, tell it like it is, but deep down a teddy bear."

Gary Shafran, sales and marketing manager, accent rug division Nourison

A: "I'm secure enough to say that some people would say I'm like George Constanza from 'Seinfeld' in both looks and personality, but I would pick Jerry Seinfeld."

David Starr, national sales manager Orian Rugs

A: "Nicholas Cage. I really liked him in 'The Family Man.' Sometimes it takes a wake-up call to see what is really important in life and when you find out it is a challenge to hang on to it."

Bob Christnacht, head of home and blanket division Pendleton Blankets

A: "My secretary says it should be Buddy Hackett, but everybody else says the Jack Nicholson you see in 'As Good As It Gets'— crazy on the outside, but together on the inside."

Peter Gallagher, president Peter M. Gallagher Inc.

A: "Charles Lindbergh would be the ideal person to play me — because of his steadfastness, his determination, and, above all, his good looks."

Todd Cella, director, sales and marketing, global sourcing division Richloom Home Fashions

A: "Pierce Brosnan, because I want to be Thomas Crown."

Dave Stewart, executive vp, sales and marketing Sleep Innovations

A: "Harrison Ford. Because we have a shared sense of adventure and we're willing to take risks — but only calculated risks."

Rob Valone, president Strouds

A: "Certainly Sylvester Stallone would play the perfect role for me, especially as he'd be cast again in the role of Rocky. I've certainly been knocked to the mat several times in my retail career, but, just like Rocky, I've always gotten up and won the fight."

Michael Day, vp, design Textile Fabric Associates

A: "Chris Noth, Mr. Big from 'Sex in the City,' because we both know good sex in the city."

Frank Scalice, executive vp Town and Country

A: "Dennis Farina. He is a strong yet sensitive Italian who likes a house full of family, a good sauce on the stove and is a regular guy."

Tom Reshe, principal United Curtain

A: "Rodney Dangerfield. Because I always want to be a successful entrepreneur and never want to grow up."

Bob Hickman, vp, sales and marketing United Feather & Down

A: "Jack Nicholson. Because of his role in 'One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest.' You've got to be crazy to work in this industry."

Toni Cauble, vp, corporate affairs WestPoint Stevens

A: "Brittany Spears. That way I could pretend I have a flat stomach!"

Lance Orlick, executive vp Windham Weavers

A: "Paul Newman. He's a genius, a great actor with a lot of compassion and is very charitable. If only he were younger."

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