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Veratex: "What matters is the style"

Van Nuys, CA — Veratex is taking on a dramatically different look, reinterpreting its signature opulence into more contemporary designs and presenting a collection of prints for the first time in six years.

"If the look is right, the customers will buy," said Avi Cohen, president. "What matters is the style."

Although Veratex is freshening its assortment with a new design twist, the company isn't abandoning the Old World look for which it has become well known, said vp Dale Talbert. "We had some success with a few contemporary-type items and realized there's a much bigger call for that than we believed in the past," he said.

But on four beds, Veratex is bringing a new touch to classically luxurious bedding, noted Susan Hagan, director of design, bedding. "We still have the Old World look, but in a cotton construction with a drier hand," she said. "It's more fashion-forward and not as heavily embellished."

The broader message of the company's design direction, said Cohen, is that not every creative challenge can be solved by running off to China. "We all have to be better. We have to have more resources. We have to travel more," he said. "Let's do better things. Let's go forward."