Novelty looks drive rug introductions

BCST Staff, October 29, 2001

Novelty was the name of the game at market for the rug category. Buyers looked to manufacturers like Bacova, Shaw and Regal to fill that niche with the right texture, sculpting and competitive pricing.

Other highlights in this category included faux sisal looks as seen at Trans-Ocean, Home Dynamix and Bacova.

Lisa Kesterke

buyer, textiles


"Bacova and Shaw had the best we've seen in novelty and scatter rugs. Novelty is the hottest trend right now in that category. I especially liked Bacova's Regency Carved collection and Shaw's Reflections collection."

Alan Laytner


Laytner's Linen & Home

"I didn't see much that was new at market, but we did pick up some pretty rugs from Oriental Weavers that were of gabbehs and other Oriental styles."

Charles Boyter

buyer, bath towels, rugs and accessories, area rugs and basic bedding

Luxury Linens

"In rugs, there were a lot of these faux sisal looks that have that Tommy Bahama kind of feel to them. Most of the ones I saw were basically nice, and the pricing was competitive. Almost everyone had these types of rugs. Trans-Ocean had a good line. Also, Bacova and even Home Dynamix had good ones."

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