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If you were on The Soprano's, which character would you be and why? Who would you like to see whacked next?

Frank Petronzio, president, Anchor Home Products, Wyckoff, N.J.

A: "I'd be Tony. He's one of my favorite people. And when you need something done, he makes things happen, let's put it that way. 'You gotta problem with that?' And I'd whack 'The othah guy!'"

Bud Frankel, chief operating officer and president, Arlee Home Fashions, New York

A: "I'd be Tony. I'm the boss, that's why. I'd whack Feech because he's an animal and all the pigs get killed."

John Garofalo, vice president of sales, Ashford Court, New York

A: "I would be Tony, and only because he's a connoisseur of fine food. As for Michele Feech La Manna, he's got to go. He wants to take over, and Junior has got to stay because he's my uncle and Christopher has to stay because he's my nephew."

Pete McCabe, Biederlack of America, Cumberland, Md.

A: "There is no good answer here. There's no way you can't shoot yourself in the foot. So I'd want to be Furio because he's out of the business and back in Italy drinking Barolo and eating pasta. Who would I want to see whacked? Now that's a lot more entertaining question. Boy there's one guy I'd really love to say. Can I just use his initials? Tell you what, if anybody really wants to know, they can call me. Let me be safe and say I'd like to see American Idol get whacked so we can get all those people off the air. God, what a stupid show. All it's doing is producing the next generation of cruise ship entertainers."

Rick Lipton, national sales manager, Creative Bath Products, New York

A: "Silvio. You get the chance to act on the best show on television. You get to work with a great head of hair, albeit dark and large. And when it's all over, you get to play on tour with Bruce Springsteen. The good life all around! As for the next whack — whoever shoots someone on the sofa. It's impossible to get blood out of silk. You have to wind up throwing it out. This could be a good thing if you sell pieced goods. But a bad thing otherwise."

Jennifer Winter, creative director, Dakotah/Creative Home Furnishings, Webster, S.D.

A: "I would be Meadow. Even though she knows what's going on with her family, it doesn't stop her from doing what she wants to do, like go to law school. She knows what her father does, but stays out of it and respects him from a business standpoint. I would whack Christopher because he's a whining, useless piece of you know what."

Shay Zamir, vice president of merchandising, Divatex, New York

A: "I would definitely go with Little Stevie's character (Silvio) because he has no real beef with anyone and stays out of trouble most of the time. Plus, he owns Bada Bing and is Tony's consigliere. He's also quite a character, and plays with the Boss. I would love to get rid of Tony's sister because she likes to cause turmoil and trouble. She is not a team player and doesn't jive with anyone else."

Carolyn Winderbaum, vice president of design, Fashion Industries, New York

A: "I'd be Carmela. She is the only one who has the guts to stand up to Tony. And I've got a pink jogging suit like the one she wore the other day. I'd whack Uncle junior — he's gotten very obnoxious."

Jeffrey Cohen, vice president of sales Ginsey Industries, Bellmawr, N.J.

A: "It would probably be Paulie Walnuts because I haven't seen hair like that in years and it brings me back."

Steve Mazarakis, president, Hellenic Rug Imports, Brooklyn, N.Y.

A: "I'd be Tony, who else? I don't take slaps from anybody. I like Tony — I think he's cool.

There are a lot for people I want whacked next. I'd whack Christopher even though it's never going to happen.

"Maybe I'd whack Paulie Walnuts. Naw, I wouldn't whack him. I don't know."

Steve Couri, president, Majestic Rug Co., Closter, N.J.

A: "I'd want to be Christopher because I don't want to be Tony — he's too fat — and his uncle looks like he's got Alzheimer's.

The person I'd like to whack is probably Paulie Walnuts because he's envious of Christopher because he's young and good looking and has a lot going for him, and most importantly, he's next in line (after Tony)."

Merle Johnson, vice president, Mohawk Home, Sugar Valley, Ga.

A: "I'd be Carmela because she has the true power of the family. She controls Tony. He does everything she tells him to do even though he's the most powerful mob boss."

Pete Johnson, Pendleton Woolen Mills, Portland, Ore.

A: "Gosh, I'm not sure I identify with any of them. I guess I'd be a kinder, gentler Tony. But you know, I kind of like Uncle Junior, too. The problem is, I'm way behind on this stuff. I'm doing it on video, so I'm just doing season four now. Who would I want to see get whacked? The guy with the gray sideburns, Paulie. Paulie's got to go. He's two-faced, as if they all aren't."

Pete Gallagher, P.M. Gallagher Inc.

A: "I really like the guy who's always fighting with his nephew. You know the one I mean, the one with the gray hair." (ed. note: That's Paulie Walnuts). "I can identify with gray hair these days." And who would he like to see six feet under? "The nephew. I really can't stand that kid. The last straw was when he beat up the waiter."

Bob Gehm, president, Sheridan USA, New York

A: "I want to be Tony so that I can be in charge and put contracts out on all the people who brought the industry to its knees."

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