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Pacific Coast Feather Co-chairman Hanauer Dies

Jerry Hanauer, co-chairman of Pacific Coast Feather Company (PCF), passed away Dec. 2 after an extended illness.

Hanauer joined PCF in 1965 at the request of his father who claimed the business needed “young blood.” He always laughed and said he was never convinced that his father really wanted to hear his ideas. But Hanauer became president and ceo in 1971 and helped turn a company with sales of $1 million into the premier manufacturer of basic bedding in North America, with annual sales in excess of $300 million.

Current president and ceo Eric Moen, said, “Jerry was an enthusiastic, passionate proponent of quality in the bedding industry although he sometimes marveled at his transition from a bohemian life in Greenwich Village during the 1950s to a life immersed in the nuances of down and feathers. He was extraordinarily committed to developing a company culture that gave people opportunities to grow and an environment in which they could have fun. He was proud of what PCF has accomplished.”

“All of Jerry's extended family at Pacific Coast Feather will miss hearing his great laugh rolling down the hallway,” Moen added.

Dedicated to the arts and education, Hanauer recently made significant contributions to the Seattle Opera and the University of Washington.

Hanauer is survived by sons Nicolas and Adrian, daughter-in-law Leslie, grandchildren Cole and Lauren and friend and former wife Lenore Hanauer.

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