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The Evolution Begins

Originally scheduled to open March 1 of this year, the new arrival date for JCPenney's revamped home department has been pegged for Mother's Day, May 12.
     Large-scale overhauls don't happen overnight, of course. With that in mind, Home Textiles Today is beginning a series of updates on the transformation as we're seeing it unfold.
     A mid-February visit to a JCP store in Monmouth County, New Jersey, found several pieces falling into place: a revamped towel area, a Royal Velvet bedding section, a jazzier mattress shop and the contours of a cross merchandised furniture area.
     It was unclear where the store plans to locate the Martha Stewart shop - or whatever winds up in its place until the Macy's suit against Stewart and JCP is decided. There were areas filled with random stuff, including an entire section next to window devoted to kid's back-packs.
     So far, no Jonathan Adler or Michael Graves merchandise in view, either.

Royal Velvet
Royal Velvet bedding comes out from the clutter of other bedding brands.
The towel table didn’t seem quite as effective as similar fixturing in the jeans department. A temporary use of the space?
The towel
Still under
Still under construction at the time of our visit, the furniture department also pulled in rugs, window treatments and (not seen here) some lighting and accessories pieces.

The mattress department pulses with a cool blue glow.

The mattress

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