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Garnet Hill to promote PrimaLoft pillows, citing new survey

Albany, N.Y. -- Multichannel retailer Garnet Hill plans to offer a “Buy One, Get One Free” promotion, Aug. 4 - Sept. 14, on its branded PrimaLoft Side Sleeper Comfort Pillow, and the companies are now trumpeting the deep attachment consumers have for their sleep pillows.

The latest Sleep Survey, conducted for PrimaLoft by the Better Sleep Council and released in time for “Better Sleep Month” (May), revealed that more than one-third (42%) of Americans say “it’s nearly impossible” for them to fall asleep without a comfortable pillow.

More than half - 54% - say they prefer to sleep on their sides rather than on their stomach or back, the survey found.

“Given the importance of sleep to one’s health, relationships and workplace productivity, it’s crucial to recognize the direct connection between a comfortable pillow and a restful night’s sleep,” said Wendy Thayer, Garnet Hill public relations manager. “There are many pillow options available to consumers, and it helps to select a pillow that suits your individual sleeping style.”

The specialty merchant said that 80% of its e-commerce customers recommend the Garnet Hill PrimaLoft Side Sleeper Comfort Pillow, which typically retailers for $45 to $65. These consumers point to the product’s comfort and machine wash-and-dry attributes.

Despite the importance of having a comfortable pillow to ensure a good night’s sleep, the average American has been using the same pillow for four years, the survey found. “If your pillow has lost its resiliency, is too lumpy or flat, or if you’d be embarrassed to remove the pillowcase and bare it all, it’s probably time to replace your pillow,” said Eileen Berner, director of sales and marketing, PrimaLoft. The company noted that 24% of those surveyed “rarely think about replacing their pillows until they see something that reminds them, such as a pillow sale or promotion.”

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