Players Scorecard

Appointments and personnel changes since spring market (as of Sept. 8, 2003)

Date following the entry indicates the issue of HTT in which the entry appeared.

Ali, Fazel

named vp, sales, division 3, Feizy Import & Export Co., 9/8/03

Atteberry, Robert

named vp and gmm, hard and soft home, DIY, horticulture and outdoor living, Kmart Corp., 5/26/03

Baird, Ava

named director, design, Fallani and Cohn, 8/25/03

Baker, Owen

named account executive, Nourison, 8/18/03

Barclay, Ed

named vp, asset protection, Kmart Corp., 6/2/03

Beahm, Paul

named vp, dmm, domestics, Wal-Mart Stores, 9/8/03

Bell, Lori

named sales executive, Beacon Looms, 5/12/03

Berman, Bridget Ryan

named group president, Polo Ralph Lauren Retail, Polo Ralph Lauren, 6/16/03

Bonini, Daniel

named president and gm, FSC Home interiors Group, F. Schumacher and Co., 6/2/03

Brunjes, Charlie

named executive vp/gmm, Fred's, 8/11/03

Bullock, Pat

named eastern regional sales manager, Venus Home Fashions, 5/19/03

Cafaro, John

named chief marketing officer, Terrisol Corp., 5/5/03

Capel, J. Smith

died at 39; director of imports and overseas business for Capel Inc., 8/11/03

Casali, Lou

named senior vp, sales and marketing, Dan River Home Fashions, 6/2/03

Chan, Sorenna

named to head design and development, Feizy Home collection, Feizy Import & Export Co., 9/8/03

Chapman, Kathy

named design technologies director, CHF, 5/12/03

Chilton, Jeff

named vp, national sales manager, Perfect Fit, 7/7/03

Ciaccio, Maureen

named vp, sales, western region, Elrene Home Fashions, 6/2/03

Clothier, Roy

died at 64; president and ceo, Pacific Coast Feather, 5/19/03

Cody, Tim

named manager, warehousing and distribution, Hellenic Rugs, 8/25/03

Coffey, Bill

retired as chairman, Latex Foam International, 8/11/03

Collin, Katherin

named assistant product manager, Elrene Home Fashions, 6/16/03

Connell, Mary Jane

named vp, national sales, CMI, 6/23/03

Coughlin, Tom

named exec vp, and vice chairman, Wal-Mart Stores., 4/28/03

Curtis, Keith

named executive vp, store operations, Fred's, 8/11/03

Dale, Gretchen

named design consultant, Chris Casson Madden, 8/25/03

Denzer, Frank

named northeast sales manager, Duralee, 6/9/03

DePiazza, Bill

named vp, merchandising, Perfect Fit, 7/7/03

Duke, Mike

named executive vp, president and ceo, stores, Wal-Mart Stores, 4/28/03

Easley, Bill

retired as president, textile manufacturing, Springs Industries, 7/14/03

Ehsani, Ray

named vp, sales, division 1, Feizy Import & Export Co., 9/8/03

Eisneberg, Lee

named creative & administrative executive vp, Lands' End, Sears, 8/11/03

Emami, Nader

named senior vp, general manager, Feizy Import & Export Co., 9/8/03

Eng, Don

named to merchandising and marketing team, Cone Jacquards, Cone Mills, 7/21/03

Fein, Dennis

named senior vp, bath, Burlington Rug, 7/7/03

Feizy, Leah

named director, inventory, Feizy Import & Export Co., 9/8/03

Filippone, Gary

named senior vp, creative development, Springs Industries, 7/14/03

Fish, Dick

retired as vp, gmm, domestics, Wal-Mart Stores, 6/2/03

Flach, Terry

named gmm, home, Proffitt's/McRae's, Saks Inc., 4/21/03

Foushee, Desie

named vp, manufacturing, Santens, 6/23/03

Gehl, Keith

named senior vp, real estate and store construction, Family Dollar, 6/2/03

Gehm, Bob

left as vp, bed and bath operations, CHF, 6/23/03; named president, Sheridan Home, Sheridan Australia, 7/28/03

Gentry, Larry

named vp, store operations, ShopKo Stores, 4/28/03

Giles, Bill

named executive vp, cfo, Linens 'n Things, 5/12/03

Goodman, Alyce

named evp and chief merchandising officer, Lillian Vernon, 8/11/03

Gordon, Bill

named vp, national accounts, Shaw Rugs, 9/1/03

Grosso, Carla

named design director, beach towels, Terrisol Corp., 9/8/03

Guy, Leon

named planning and inventory manager, Elrene Home Fashions, 6/16/03

Hammer, Dan

named executive vp, home fashions sales and marketing, Dan River Home Fashions, 9/1/03

Han, Frank

named executive vp, and general manager, HSN, 4/28/03

Hashemi, Ray

named vp, sales, division 2, Feizy Import & Export Co., 9/8/03

Hatshorn, Tom

named executive vp, new business development, Dollar General, 9/1/03

Heidmann, Lyle

named to head home merchandise, full-line stores, Sears, 5/19/03

Herndon, Carmen

named buyer, Ballard Designs, 8/18/03

Hertz, Paul

named vp, process improvement and resource management, ShopKo Stores, 5/19/03

Holman, Edwin

named president and coo, Gaylan's Trading Co, 7/28/03

Honan, Dennis

named coo, Lands' End, Sears, 8/11/03

Hopkins, Holly

named vp, sales, Oriental Weavers of America, 7/28/03

Hunt, Beth

named vp, business development, Hunter Douglas, 8/18/03

Ihlenfeldt, Paul

named director, space management, ShopKo Stores, 6/16/03

Jackson, Lawrence

named president, coo, Dollar General, 9/1/03

Johnson, Bruce

named senior vp, supply chain and operations, Kmart Corp., 9/8/03

Jones, Kassie

named vp, soft home, HSN, 9/8/03

Just, Nick

left as senior vp, and gmm, apparel, jewelry and drugstore, Kmart Corp., 519/03

Kagel, Harvey

retired as vp, gmm, domestics, Sure Fit, 7/7/03

Kain, Suzy

named head designer, bedding, dec pillows and tabletop, Pacific Designs, 8/25/03

Kaufman, Jeff

named president, coo, Avanti Linens, 5/12/03

Kelly, Janet

named senior vp, chief administrative officer, Kmart Corp., 9/8/03

Kivett, Doug

named national sales manager, Charles Craft Inc., 9/8/03

Koch, Michael

named director, design, Racon Fabrics, 8/25/03

Kosmatka, Paula

named director, merchandising and designs, Woolrich, 5/5/03

Kovach, Joe

named vp, Hunter Douglas, 8/18/03

Larkin, Steven

named vp, U.S. business development, Beco, 6/9/03

Leibow, Saul

named sales manager, Cone Jacquards, Cone Mills, 7/21/03

Lennie, Bill

named senior vp, décor, Home Depot, 8/11/03

Levy, Victor

named president, soft home division, Achim Importing, 6/16/03

Linn, Valborg

launched own company, VFL Designs, 9/1/03

Lore, Arnim

named ceo, Teka, 6/23/03

LoRusso, Lina

left as evp and chief merchandising officer, Lillian Vernon, 8/11/03

Lueken, Harold

named senior vp, and general counsel and human resources, Kmart Corp., 5/5/03

Macik, Michael

left as executive vp, human resources, Kmart Corp., 5/5/03

Markman, Mary

named exec vp, gmm home division, Macy's East, Federated Department Stores, 7/14/03

Martin, Samuel

named vp, distribution and transportation, ShopKo Stores, 5/5/03

Martin, Terry

died at 57, Terry Martin Designs, 6/23/03

McCain, Rick

named senior product manager, Perfect Fit, 7/7/03

McCracken, Steve

named president, DuPont Textiles & Interiors, DuPont, 5/5/03

McDonald, Wesley

named executive vp and cfo, Kohl's, 7/28/03

McFetridge, Fay

named design director, Cone Jacquards, Cone Mills, 7/21/03

McKeough, Annette

named vp, loss prevention, ShopKo Stores, 6/23/03

McNeil, Sandy

named president, fashion bedding, Hollander Home Fashions, 6/2/03

Meads, Mindy

named executive vp, soft lines, Sears, 8/11/03

Menear, Craig

named senior vp, hard lines, Home Depot, 8/11/03

Merriman, Thomas

named vp, sales department and specialty stores, Mohawk Home, 6/16/03

Michael, Charlie

named senior vp, dmm, hardlines, Fred's, 8/11/03

Moen, Eric

named president, PCF, 5/26/03

Moss, Jackie

named vp, product development and merchandising, Versailles Home Textile, 8/25/03

Mozack, Richard

named vp, cio, Spiegel Group, 8/25/03

Murray, Monika

named sales and product development manager, U.S. market, Famous Home Fashions, 8/25/03

Muscalino, Tom

named president, coo, Dan River Home Fashions, 9/1/03

Nachemin, Farley

left as chief merchandising officer for The Company Store division, and president of Domestications, Hanover Direct; named dmm, bath, Bed Bath & Beyond, 7/28/03

Noel, Errol

named IT manager, CMI, 8/18/03

Novakovic, Kathryn

named director, fashion marketing, Cotton Inc., 6/2/03

O'Briant, Stonie

named executive vp, merchandising, marketing and strategic planning, Dollar General, 9/1/03

Ogawa, Richard

named vp, merchandising,, HSN, 4/28/03

Paonessa, Tom

named southwest sales manager, Duralee, 6/9/03

Pardo, Maria

named vp, Covington Industries, 6/23/03

Petrusch, David

named to head off-shore sourcing, Cone Jacquards, Cone Mills, 7/21/03

Pickup, Tracy

named vp, sales, retail kitchen, Charles Craft Inc., 9/8/03

Pleasant, Larry

named chief, operations, distribution facility, Elrene Home Fashions, 6/16/03

Plourdde-Carlton, Constance

died at 44; director of marketing for the contract business, Valdese Weavers, 7/7/03

Poor, Dana

named home fashion marketing manager, fashion marketing, Cotton Inc., 7/21/03

Rava, Sid

named director, customer relations, Feizy Import & Export Co., 9/8/03

Record, David

named product manager, bath, Mohawk Home, 4/28/03

Richie, Debra

named sales manager, furniture market, Cone Jacquards, Cone Mills, 7/21/03

Roan, Steve

left as vp, sales and marketing, Central Oriental/ Natco, 8/18/03; named vp, new product development, Hellenic Rugs, 8/25/03

Robinson, Allen

named director, marketing and product development, Perfect Fit, 7/7/03

Rogers, Lily

named product development manager, Newport Layton Home Fashions, 6/16/03

Romero, Michael

named national sales manager, Biederlack of America, 9/8/03

Ruttenberg, Lance

named executive vp and vp, operations, American Textile Co., 8/11/03

Sadinoff, Jonathan

named executive vp, store operations, Beacon Looms, 8/11/03

Sanborn, Scott

named vp, marketing, , HSN, 4/28/03

Scarlata, Lynne

named marketing manager, Colonial Mills Inc., 6/23/03

Schmale, Richard

named director, national sales, Feizy Import & Export Co., 9/8/03

Schmid, Brenda

named account executive, Nourison, 8/18/03

Schultz, Lisa

named senior vp, chief creative officer, Kmart Corp., 9/8/03

Shine, Tim

named senior vp, bath division, WestPoint Stevens, 5/19/03

Soldati, Terry

left as president, Sheridan Australia, 7-Jul

Solove, David

named vp, basic bedding, Hollander Home Fashions, 6/16/03

Spencer, Cheryl

named human resources manager, CMI, 8/18/03

Steel, Todd

named vp, window covering concept development, Hunter Douglas, 8/18/03

Tay, Christine

named packaging designer, Elrene Home Fashions, 6/16/03

Taylor, Ron

named national sales manager, Tessile, 7/21/03

Thompson, Jim

named vp, sales and marketing, Central Oriental/Natco, 8/18/03

Underdown, Natalie

named sales manager, Cone Jacquards, Cone Mills, 7/21/03

Verdisco, Bob

died at 60; former president, International Mass Retail Association, 5/12/03

Ward, Dorie

named account executive, Nourison, 8/18/03

Webster, Lou Herring

named design director, product development, Capel Inc., 7/21/03

Webster, Nancy

left as senior vp, creative development, Springs Industries, 7/14/03; named vp, trend design and corp., Target Corp., 8/11/03

Wernick, Larry

named vp, sales eastern region, Elrene Home Fashions, 6/2/03

Williams, Laura Peffall

named sales manager, top of bed, Cone Jacquards, Cone Mills, 7/21/03

Williams, Richard

named vice chairman, Dan River Home Fashions, 9/1/03

Wisecup, Cheryl

named vp, Honeycomb business unit, Hunter Douglas, 8/18/03

Yerg, Ray

named vp, sales, Kmart, Sears and mass retailers, WestPoint Stevens, 5/19/03

Yiatchos, Gary

named senior vp, marketing, Parisian, Saks Inc., 7/14/03

Young, William

named vp, dmm, home, Pamida, ShopKo Stores, 7/28/03

Zampino, Anita

named vp, marketing, Levinsohn Textile, 5/19/03

Zink, Joseph

named divisional chief, season, toys & dec home, ShopKo Stores, 4/28/03

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