Sales Jump in June

Don Hogsett, July 25, 2005

Aided by a big spike in car sales, and further helped by warm summer weather spurring sales of seasonal goods, retail sales jumped 1.7 percent in June, rebounding from a 0.3 percent dip the month before.

Driving most of the monthly gain was a 4.8 percent boost in auto sales, recovering from a 1.3 percent decline recorded in May. Excluding the highly volatile car numbers, subject to wide monthly swings, retail sales improved 0.7 percent after remaining unchanged in May.

Sales were strong across the board, with only one channel recording a small decline — health and personal care stores — where sales were off 0.2 percent.

Following car sales, the biggest gainer was gas stations, where higher prices resulted in a 1.9 percent increase in sales.

Home-related categories posted mixed results. Furniture and home furnishings stores rose 0.9 percent, but sales edged up just 0.2 percent for electronics and appliance stores and building material and garden supply outlets.

Helped by warming weather across the country, spurring sales of seasonal goods, department store sales climbed 1.3 percent, while sales in clothing and accessory stores rose 1 percent.

Retail sales in June
by channel

Source: U.S. Department of Commerce
Car dealers 4.8%
Gas stations 1.9
Non-store retailers 1.7
Department stores 1.3
Clothing & accessories 1.0
Furniture & home furn. stores 0.9
Grocery stores 0.4
Sporting goods, books, music 0.4
Restaurants & bars 0.4
Electronics & appliances 0.2
Building mat./garden supplies 0.2
Health & personal care stores -0.2%

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