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Sharadha MicroCotton goes Green

Coimbatore, India – Sharadha is taking its trademarked MicroCotton brand to a new level with the introduction of MicroCotton Green Earth bath towels and sheets.

The fiber is spun in such a way that less cotton is used to produce the all-cotton towels and sheets, making them lighter in weight. The MicroCotton Green Earth bath towel, for example, weighs up to 50% less than a ring-spun towel, but is 1 and a half times more absorbent and retains its loftiness, according to Sriram Pothiraj.

“Any product, from the raw materials until it gets disposed of in the earth, throws off waste, Pothiraj said. “The more cotton you use in a towel, the more water you use in production.”

Instead of the normal fossil fuels used on textiles production, MicroCotton Green Earth products are manufactured by generating steam from natural waste products. The line employs Skal-certified dyes and chemicals. All water used for production is recycled back into the next production run, so there is zero discharge into the environment.

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