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 Kohl’s pushes for cross-shopping  

San Francisco – The biggest opportunity for Kohl’s is to get shoppers out of the habit of buying from only one line of business per trip, according to Kohl’s president Kevin Mansell.

Addressing the Bank of America Investment Conference today, Mansell noted that more than half of Kohl’s consumers buy from only one of the retailer’s six lines of business -- women’s, accessories, men’s, children’s, home, footwear – on a typical store visit. And the average ticket is “about $50,” he noted. This amount more than doubles, however, when a shopper buys from a second line of business.

Therefore, noted Mansell, in addition to its key “Only at Kohl’s” campaign that emphasizes exclusive branded programs, the retailer is also promoting the “Explore the store!” message in its marketing.

Direct mail and in-store signage are the main elements in pushing the cross-shopping message, while TV spots are used to reinforce consumers’ emotional bond with Kohl’s value and fashion offering, Mansell said.

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