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Carpenter Co. Bows Medi Comfort Pillow

Basic bedding manufacturer Carpenter Co. has unveiled the trademarked Medi Comfort pillow, designed to reduce snoring by promoting natural head and neck alignment to open the airway.

Constructed with high-density, temperature-sensitive memory foam, the Medi Comfort sleep pillow has a molded scoop in the center to enhance general comfort, reduce tossing and turning, and improve the conditions for a healthy sleep.

Medi Comfort, which is also hypo-allergenic, is part of the Sleep Better Signature Collection made by Carpenter and recommended by "The Sleep Doctor," Michael Breus, Ph.D.

Medi Comfort is being promoted at the website and will be available to consumers via the Home Shopping Network (HSN) in August and then by additional retailers in fall 2008, Carpenter said.