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Market Week Happenings

Springs Global’s Edward Cardimona, left, celebrated the launch of Pantone into home textiles with the color authority’s Lisa Herbert, center, and Bloomingale’s Joe Laneve.
Springs Global’s
Budd GoldmanFrom left, Budd Goldman and Susan Lazor of Ellery debut the Historic Charleston collection with the historical foundation’s John Keleher.
The Northwest Co. gets in the spirit. From left, Katherine Knarr and Kim Rizzardi, both of Northwest; Maggie Gratzer of Nickelodeon; Stanley Mieszkowski of Northwest; and Rachel Leber, also of Nickelodeon.
The Northwest Co.
Amy Present,From left, Amy Present, Michael Liu, and Vincent DeRosa, all of Present Living Home, celebrate the company’s market debut.
Brunton International cheers its new showroom space. Front, from left, Carolyn Myers, Ross Stores, and Marty Hirsch, Brunton. Back row, from left, Colleen Hoffman, Ross Stores; Roy Brunton, Brunton; and Brad Goldman, Ross Stores.
Brunton International
Next Creations’From left, Next Creations’ Michael Vidra, Ying Shen, and Stacey Testa toast the company’s latest Raymond Waites collections.