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Park B. Smith spearheads Holy Cross fundraising

New York – Already a major contributor to College of the Holy Cross (Worcester, Mass.), Park B. Smith, class of 1954, issued a challenge to alumni during a recent fund-raising drive, Lift High the Cross.

The original goal of the fund raiser was $175 million. Toward the end of the drive it appeared the total would hit $180 million, and at that point the ever-competitive Smith, owner and chairman of Park B. Smith Ltd., challenged the others to bring the total to $190 million – pledging to add $10 million himself to bring the total to an even $200 million.

The challenge worked and Holy Cross ended its drive with $200 million. College president Rev. Michael C. McFarland called Smith “a man who has made an indelible mark on the campus…academic, spiritual and athletic opportunities have been created, thanks to Park’s generosity.”

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