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Mohawk launches exclusive area rug program

Sugar Valley, GA — Mohawk Home is preparing to launch a new area rug program with independent carpet retailers.

The deal marks Mohawk's first exclusive retail program to its independent carpet retail partners, as well as independent furniture and gift customers.

"We feel like our independent retail partners have been underserved by Mohawk Home," said Pat Moyer, vp, marketing. "They generate a significant portion of our overall revenue for floor coverings and they are ideal candidates for us to extend our home products to."

Mohawk is introducing its new collection of area rugs at its annual Floorscapes convention this week in Boca Raton, FL. Floorscapes is an umbrella network program comprised of about 300 independent carpet retailers who work together to enhance relationships with their suppliers and manufacturers like Mohawk.

The new area rug collection is comprised of 2' x 3' through 8' x 11' rugs and runners in 40 different patterns, including designs by license property and artist Thomas Kinkade, handmade wool rugs imported from India and China and pieces from Mohawk's high-end woven rugs collections. Price points range from less than $299 to $699.

With Mohawk's purchase of Goodwin Weavers last year, the company adopted a fleet of sales representatives experienced in servicing strictly independent gift, floor covering and furniture dealers.

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