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Sam's propels Wal-Mart to top of multidivision list

A company familiar with the number one spot joined the top multidivision operation companies for the first time in 2000.

With the inclusion of Sam's Club this year on the Top 50, Wal-Mart slid easily into first place in this category with $2.5 billion in home textiles sales, bumping Target Corp. to second.

And though the top four — Wal-Mart Corp., Target Corp., Federated and May Department Stores — have a greater percentage of sales in the home textiles area than the bottom four on the list, they didn't grow as much in that area than the bottom four. Spiegel Group, Hanover Direct, ShopKo and Saks all had double-digit sales growth in the home textiles area, with Hanover leading the way with an 18.5 percent jump.

Wal-Mart Corp.'s home textiles sales, which comprise 11.3 percent of its total retail sales, grew 9.7 percent from 1999. It also added 114 stores for a total of 3,099 locations.

Now in second place, Target Corp. grew 8.8 percent in sales for 2000, for a total of $2.3 billion. With home textiles sales consisting a smidgen over 10 percent of total sales, Target Corp. increased its store base by 5 percent, for a total of 1,307 store locations.

Placing third, Federated Department Stores experienced a slip of 0.9 percent for its home textiles sales, for a total of $1.2 billion.

May Department Stores came in fourth for the year, inching sales up 4.3 percent to reach $510 million. (The home textiles sales figure for 1999 has been revised.)

At number five for the year, Spiegel Group doubled its increase from 1999, jumping up 12.9 percent in home textiles sales for a total of $403 million.

Hanover Direct came in sixth place with the largest gain of 18.5 percent, for $295 million in sales. (The home textiles sales figure for 1999 has been revised.)

ShopKo showed an impressive increase of 14.6 percent for 2000, placing the discounter in seventh with $182 million in home textiles sales. It also expanded its store base by 24 percent, for a total of 393 locations.

Saks hit $146 million for 2000, with a 12.3 percent jump from the previous year. Its store base grew only slightly to 174 total stores.

Top multidivision operations

Corp. Rank Corporation Home Textiles Sales ($Millions) 2000 1999 Percent Change Share of Home Textiles Retail Sales Number of Stores 2000 1999
1. Includes No. 1 Wal-Mart and No. 41 Sam's Club.
2. Includes No. 4 Target No. 10 Mervyn's and No. 32 Marshall Field's.
3. Includes No. 12 Fingerhut, No. 19 Macy's East, No. 20 Macy's West, No. 24 Bloomingdale's, No. 42 Rich's Lazarus Goldsmith's and No. 46 Burdines, plus The Bon Marche and Stern's which do not rank on the Top 50.
4. Includes No. 39 Hecht's, No. 44 Foley's, No. 45 Robinson's-May and No. 50 Filene's plus Kaufmann's, Famous-Barr and Meier & Frank which do not rank on the Top 50.
5. Includes No. 18 Spiegel and No. 23 Eddie Bauer. Does not include Newport News, which also includes home textiles in its product mix. Store count is for Eddie Bauer stores only.
6. Includes No. 26 Domestications and No. 30 The Company Store.
7. Includes No. 35 ShopKo plus Pamida, which did not rank on the Top 50.
8. Includes No. 49 Carson Pirie Scott, plus Proffitt's and Younkers, which do not rank on the Top 50.
NS = No Stores
R = Revised
1 Wal-Mart Corp. Bentonville, AR $2,496.0 $2,275.0 9.7% 11.3% 3,099 2,985
2 Target Corp. Minneapolis $2,296.0 $2,108.0 8.8% 10.4% 1,307 1,243
3 Federated Cincinnati $1,238.0 $1,249.0 -0.9% 5.6% 409 403
4 May Dept. Stores St. Louis $510.0 $489.0 4.3% 2.3% 345 330
5 Spiegel Group Downers Grove, IL $403.0 $357.0R 12.9% 1.8% 523 479
6 Hanover Direct Weehawken, NJ $295.0 $249.0 18.5% 1.3% NS NS
7 ShopKo Green Bay, WI $182.0 $158.8 14.6% 0.8% 393 317
8 Saks Alcoa, TN $146.0 $130.0 12.3% 0.7% 174 173

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