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Carpenter and Release New Research

CarpenterRICHMOND, VA. - Sleep products manufacturer Carpenter Co. and its consumer information site recently launched a multi channel messaging campaign to share the results of its research about the impact of daylight savings time.
     According to the SleepBetter. org Lost-Hour Economic Index, released a few days ahead of the March 10 switch to DST, moving the clock ahead one hour each spring results in nearly half a billion dollars ($434 million) in total losses on the U.S. economy. The index was broken down into more than 360 metropolitan statistical areas (MSA) in order to localize its impact - from the top market, New York, N.Y., down to the smallest MSA, Carson City, Nev. launched an interactive landing page that allows visitors to view the cost of DST down to the city level. The site includes a searchable database, sleep tips to combat the effects of the lost hour of sleep and an interactive heat map which plots the per-capita costs of DST from red to blue across America's metropolitan areas at
     The outreach also featured a companion engagement contest on the SleepBetter Facebook page, The contest asked new and existing Facebook fans to share the effects of losing an hour of sleep in their lives for a chance to win a Carpenter Co. and SleepBetter state-of-the- art ErgoSmart line of toppers and pillows. SleepBetter also broadcast the results of the study to national, regional, and local media.
     "Every year most of the U.S. voluntarily foregoes an hour of sleep as we spring forward into daylight saving time, and the surprising findings of the Lost- Hour Economic Index reinforce the key message of our multiyear campaign to educate Americans about the importance of sleeping better - lost sleep has a cost," said Dan Schecter, senior vp of consumer products at Carpenter Co. and creator of Sleep-
     "As various academic studies have shown, that missing hour of sleep has both physiological and psychological effects - effects that can lead to an increase in workplace injury, cyberloafing and even heart attacks, and a relatively small investment sleep can pay huge dividends in health, productivity and wellbeing," he added.

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