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Revere Mills to unveil Waverly, Airelite collections

Retail Editor 3, March 17, 2013

Des Plaines, Ill. - Revere Mills is expanding its licensed bath towel ensemble program with Waverly by adding a new collection in unexpected but seasonally trend-right colors.

There is no room for the usual white and ivory shades in this fashion grouping's color story.

Four deep colors - berry jam, black, espresso, and peacock - make up the "rich palette" used across the two super-soft, yarn-dyed jacquard ensembles for the Waverly brand by Revere this New York Home Fashions Market, which begins tomorrow.

As Elaine Aschenbrand, Revere's director of marketing and product development, explained: "We are basing them on the new patterns Waverly is introducing now. One [ensemble] is a geometric design and the other is an overall scroll design."

She added Revere, which has been Waverly's towel licensee for the past three years, has used "outside the box types of palettes and color combinations for the line in the past...and it's been successful for us in towels. Waverly is willing to try new things, and we've always been successful with it across the board, with mid- to better-level retailers."

Also new for market from Revere are additions to its growing Airelite collection of towel ensembles produced from its own Airelite cotton treated cotton fiber, which has been combined this time with viscose extracted from bamboo for a new batch of styles.

"Our new construction makes the towels extremely soft and fluffy and absorbent," Aschenbrand said. "They just get softer and softer with each wash."

Dubbed Royal Plush, the new set is available in seven solid colors and targets better-end retailers.