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Ann Gish OPENS NYC Store

Ann GishAnn Gish recently opened her first New York store at 4 West 20th St.
NEW YORK - Longtime luxury linens and home furnishings designer, manufacturer and supplier Ann Gish opened her first store here in Manhattan's Flatiron District this summer.
     The store is located in a 4,000-square-foot space in a landmark building at 4 West 20th St., which adds natural light and charm to the setting.
     "This place is beautiful," said Gish, a 20-year veteran of the home fashions industry. "It's got great big huge windows in the back and high ceilings."
     In addition, the Ann Gish store also comes with another 3,000 square feet of basement space to accommodate her ample collections and support her penchant for routinely updating her selling floor with new and different product displays.
     Officially open since June 9, the store is stocked with mostly Gish's products - all of the linens are her own as well
Ann GishAnn Gish, receiving the ICON Honor from AmericasMart president Jeff Portman last month in Atlanta.
as the steel furniture pieces. But about 10% of the mix is product from other vendors, such as candlesticks, consigned artwork, "weird things I've found along the way like giant hands from China, interesting porcelain pieces," and other items.
     Gish likes to keep the look and the feel of her store fresh, noting: "It's really important to me to be able to constantly re-merchandise the store."
     She observed that "a lot of stores are over-merchandised. But I like more to side with an emptier look. Otherwise my eyes don't rest."
     Also important to Gish is that all items carry price tags. "Some other stores don't have price tags, and here everything is priced. If not, people are asking and not looking."
     To that end, prices at the Ann Gish store range from "not expensive to things that are very expensive."
     On the affordable side, a set of stationary called "One day at a time" is priced at $37. "And then, we have steel bed frames for $4,000 and an antique Italian wall light in the $4,000s," Gish offered.
     In the linens area, price ranges stretch from about $20 for individual silk napkins through $1,900 for luxury coverlets.
     The product assortment in the home textiles category includes sheets, sheet sets, shams, duvets, comforters, coverlets, box spring covers, throws, decorative pillows and table lines.
     Two things shoppers won't find at the store: themes or rules.
Ann GishAnn Gish shows her luxury linens and decor on 10 display beds.
     "The theme is what I want to show right now," Gish asserted. The 10 beds that occupy the selling floor - a number Gish said will remain constant, adding "I don't want it any fuller than that," - are currently decked in a variety of styles.
     "Right now, we have summery beds, masculine beds, playful beds," she explained. "But what they all have in common is a lot of attention to detail - French knots and tiny flanges and our trims are made of our own things. It's a clean look. Not a lot of ruffles or doodads."
     It's a style Gish can call her own because of her reluctance for rules.
     "I think my company is unique. In our [company] culture, we realize things are situational - that there is not black or white," Gish explained. "I didn't go to design school or business school or to college. I didn't know any rules so I didn't know what I was breaking or not breaking. I just do what I feel is appropriate."
     Gish summed: "Having a line that you can design yourself gives you a chance to honor a lot of different styles. I am definitely not down a narrow slot. I just like things that are beautiful."

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