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Survey: Target slipping on domestics

Columbus, Ohio – Although Target shoppers rate home fashions as one of four categories that captures their greatest interest, the retailer’s “share of preference” for soft home goods is beginning to wane, according to a new report from Retail Forward.

The consultancy’s latest report, “Bull’s-eye on the Target Shopper,” found that Target is the second most-shopped retailer in the United States, after Wal-Mart. One-quarter of all primary household shoppers visit a Target monthly. But because it has far fewer U.S. locations than Wal-Mart – 1,418 stores vs. 3,200 – it draws far less shopper traffic on a regular basis.

“Despite marketing efforts to promote Target also as a place to go for everyday household basics, just 8% of primary household shoppers make a weekly trip to Target vs. 32% for Wal-Mart,” according to Retail Forward.

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