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Revere finds ‘reason for being’ organic   

At the New York Market – For this market, Revere Mills created its first organic cotton collection, and gave it a textured body that it hopes is uncommon among other “green” bath towels in the marketplace.

“We see it as a reason for being,” explained Elaine Aschenbrand, director of marketing and product development. “It’s not just another towel on the shelf.”

Under the Nature’s Weave name, this GOTS-certified collection restricts itself to a seven-color palette that, too, boasts environmentally-minded attributes: “We wanted to stay within eco-friendly dyes to make this truly organic,” she continued. The colors are wasabi, coffee, frost, straw, pink, suede, and bark.

The Pakistan-made ensemble’s bath towel measures 27-by-54 and is set to retail at $9.99 – in line with the company’s other better towel programs. A recycled paper tag is attached to the towels to explain the collection’s benefits to consumers.

Revere made other news this market. Its Forever Color bath towel ensemble collection offers 14 solid shades that repel bleach. “We tested it and tested it, and these colors are not affected by bleach,” Aschenbrand said. Made in Pakistan, the towels employ a special dyeing process that makes this bleach resistance possible. The bath towel measure 30-by-52.

Also noteworthy for Revere this market is the revamping of its core bath towel line. Known as Chubby for at least the past decade, Aschenbrand worked on updating the line and renaming it Wow.

These towels are now larger – 30-by-52 versus the prior 27-by-54 size – and feature a more contemporary dobby with cleaner lines. They come in a much expanded palette – up to 68 solid colors up from the previous 50 hues. The bath rug offering from Chubby was also modernized with a new solid pattern that makes the construction appear tufted.

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