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Coldwater Creek lessens home in merch. mix

Since the discontinuation of its home catalog this summer, Coldwater Creek has been decreasing its concentration of home merchandise to about 2 percent of mix, down from 10 percent.

"The home merchandise never grew to represent a large enough percentage of sales to justify keeping the title going," said David Gunter, director of corporate communications and investor relations. "It became obvious that our customer views us primarily as an apparel retailer, followed by accessories such as jewelry, footwear and gifts."

The catalog, Internet and retail store retailer will still offer such accessories as throws, pillows and smaller throw rugs, he said. In addition, it will continue to carry gifts and soft goods in its Northcountry catalog, and in its retail stores and websites.

The company has recently said that 80 percent to 85 percent of its merchandise is apparel, while 15 percent to 20 percent is hard goods/jewelry.