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Ellery broadens the Waverly program

At the New York Market – Ellery Homestyles has put its stamp on the Waverly brand, and broadened the licensed program to include a solid color sheet program, solid cover duvet sets and quilts.

Ellery acquired the license earlier this year. Although it showed a few Waverly branded beds during the April market, this week’s introduction unveils Ellery’s in-depth take on the design. Waverly is housed in its own showroom on the 12th Floor of 295 Fifth Avenue.

The Waverly showroom also features two beds from the Williamsburg licensed line.

“The focus this market is to take the classic looks of Waverly and Williamsburg, and to bring in the concept of dressing the bed,” said design consultant Marcia Brandwein. The veteran Royal Sateen designer, now an independent, is working for Ellery as “consulting design director.”

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