Launching the PureCare era: Fabrictech International rebrands

Retail Editor 3, Staff Staff, December 18, 2013

Fairfield, NJ - Say good night to Fabrictech International and good morning to PureCare, now that the company has completed its rebranding process.
The transition represents a shift from offering only mattress and pillow protection to a broad line of sleep products addressing basic health, wellness and comfort needs.

Over the past two years the company has been transitioning from Fabrictech to PureCare. According to Sean Bergman, chief marketing officer, the PureCare brand name better communicates the full suite of products and the consumer benefits offered by these products.
The company will celebrate its new identity at its showroom C1595 at the January 2014 Las Vegas World Market Center, where it will introduce a new line of PureCare One pillows featuring a patented three-in-one design for support for every sleep position.

The late Sam Chase founded Fabrictech in 2000 to provide fabric protection for upholstery, and then for mattresses and bedding.


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