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New e-TV show dubbed ‘Trendease DesignVision’

Paris – Design and fashion resource Trendease International has, through a subscriber contest, chose the name for its upcoming online-TV show: Trendease DesignVision.

Trendease DesignVision will launch on the first week of December; it is a co-production of Trendease and Faire Sa Deco.TV. It will take the form of “a free-access show for all viewers,” the company said.

Jennifer Castoldi, chief creative director of Trendease, will host the show. She will showcase “innovative and cutting-edge designs that she and the Trendease Team discovered while visiting trade shows and design happenings worldwide.”

Trendease, which has built readership in 140 countries since its founding five years ago, said the winning submission to name the new show came from “Peter” located in Sydney, Australia. He will receive a free year’s subscription to the premium content of Seven runners up who will receive a free week’s subscription.

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