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Comforter Blanket touts polyester fleece construction

Founder seeks partner to expand product uses

Sleepmakers and its president, Chris Thompson, have patented a top-of-bed item called the Comforter Blanket and are currently seeking a manufacturing partner to expand the potential uses of the product.

The Comforter Blanket is constructed from 100 percent polyester fleece on both sides, as well as inside. Due to the construction and the qualities of the fleece, Thompson said, it is positioned to be lightweight, durable, hypoallergenic, machine washable/ dryable, stain- and odor-resistant and both soft and warm as a result of its hydrophobic nature.

According to Thompson, the polyester fleece constantly shuns moisture by expelling it into the atmosphere through capillary action. In other words, as a person sleeps cold moisture is pumped out while insulating air is brought in, resulting in a warm and dry bed.

"We're looking for large manufacturers which can make the product for a wide variety of uses, both indoor and outdoor," Thompson said. "You can use it for the top-of-bed or take it outside as a stadium blanket for camping, picnicking of just about anything you can imagine.

"Because of its potential, it would take a company looking for huge growth to make and market this the right way."

Thompson said this new product is also designed for institutional use, traveling and the military. He added that what may appeal to manufacturers is its relative ease of construction. Since fleece is now manufactured worldwide, the Comforter Blanket can be made for a relatively low cost.

Sleepmakers owns the U.S. patent for the construction, while the worldwide patent is pending.

"The Comforter Blanket can sort of be like Linus with his blanket," said Thompson, who invented it along with his father, Tom. "He did everything with that blanket of his, and that's how we see this being used. It can go anywhere and be used for almost anything."

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