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Jennifer Marks

New Market Rules Q & A

This week, the New York Home Textiles Market jumps out of its old schedule into a new one. And although the change was announced nearly 18 months ago, phone calls and e-mail coming in to HTT over the past few weeks suggest some companies are still trying to get their arms around the shift.

So, to set the record straight, here are The New Rules of the New York Market.

Q. What products are companies showing — spring or fall?

A. A lot of suppliers are showing spring. Some are showing fall. Some are showing both.

Q. Is anybody taking appointments over the weekend?

A. Although several New York-based suppliers said early on they'd take appointments whenever buyers wanted to come, a lot of out-of-town retailers aren't scheduled to arrive until Sunday. Local retailers were said to be coming out in force on Friday, but most suppliers as of last Wednesday said their weekend bookings were light to nil. Suppliers are reporting heavy bookings for Monday through Wednesday, with some still running strong through Thursday.

Q. Is it true the dress is supposed to be business casual — and what specifically does that mean?

A. The Home Fashions Products Association announced last spring that the dress code would indeed be business casual, owing to the weather. For men, business casual is commonly defined as khakis or other light-weight trousers paired with a collared shirt — be that a long- or short-sleeved button-up — without tie; or a golf shirt. Women, whose fashion is more fluid, don't seem to be grappling with this one.

Q. What are the dates for October market?

A. There are no more October markets.

Q. What are the dates for mini-market?

A. There are no more mini-markets. The next major market will take place Feb. 12-16, 2007.

Q. What's going on with the Javits?

A. The New York Home Textiles Show, for years held at the Jacob Javits Center in conjunction with the market, will now take place in conjunction with the New York International Gift Fair. The gift fair runs Aug. 12-17 at the Javits and the Piers. The textiles show runs Aug. 13-16 at the Metropolitan Pavilion.

Q. Is this the end of the changes?

A. I wouldn't bet on it.

Go forth and sell!

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