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Sources show wraps at Pier 94

NEW YORK — The second annual Sources show for overseas manufacturers and exporters trying to break into the U.S. market and/or expand their business here officially ends today at Pier 94, Passenger Ship Terminal.

According to Milyovska Tatyana — a designer for Mattis, a Macedonian sheepskin producer of carpets and floor cushions as well as decorative apparel items — the products were all mixed together without much organization. “I think the fair needs to be presented better, but I have been making contacts with new suppliers, buyers and designers who have liked my collections, which is a really good start for us,” said Tatyana. She described the flow of visitors as slower over the weekend and good during Monday and Tuesday.

Meliton Soliz Ortiz, manager of Artesanias Merino from Bolivia, who exports wool floor coverings and blankets to Ohio and Florida, added, “There are opportunities to meet other people here, but there are lots and lots of different products available, which makes it difficult.” Ortiz has attended both annual Sources shows in New York hoping to expand his U.S. business.