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Nano-Tex Growing Home Textiles Lines

Nano-Tex is moving aggressively into the home textiles world, targeting both suppliers and retail product development teams.

Nano-Tex designs and engineers molecules to assemble on a fabric surface and permanently attach to the fibers. Nano-Tex treatment particles are one million times smaller than a grain of sand, Hultin said. They are also smaller than blood cells and viruses.

Nano-Tex home textiles products include wrinkle-free 100% cotton sheets; spill resistant cotton duvet covers, pillow covers and pillow cases; and a mattress pad that repels and releases stains.

"Most wrinkle-free sheets use a coating that sits on top of the fabric, making it hard for the cotton to breathe," said Renee Delack Hultin, executive vp, global sales. "This is bound to the fiber, so the fabric is breathable and absorbent."

Coming later this year for back-to-school will be a static-resistant, 100% poly fleece throw.

"There is no static, and there is no dog hair or cat hair that can cling to it," said Hultin.

The first Nano-Tex home textiles products made their debut in late 2006. Target rolled out its Ultimate sheet sets in five colors at a $49.99 retail. JCPenney debuted Nano-Tex in its house-branded Studio line, 350-count sateen sets.

The company said more than 80 textiles mills worldwide are now using the Nano-Tex treatments for apparel and commercial interior brands.

"The migration of enhanced textiles from apparel into the home is a natural evolution," said Hultin.