Home Source and Karsten Launch Sheeting Collection

Michele SanFilippo, October 4, 2004

Home Source International and Karsten America have launched a sheeting collection geared toward providing better sleep comfort.

The collection consists of six sheeting constructions.

“We are trying to give consumers another reason to buy solid-color sheets, other than thread count,” said Phyllis Moore, vice president of bed sourcing at Home Source. “We wanted to come out with sheets that solve some of the problems consumers face with their sheets to make life a little easier for them.”

John Cafaro, chief marketing officer for Karsten America, said, “Karsten America, working together with Home Source International, enables both of us to bring innovative product to the market that separates us from the usual offerings, but we were able to do it faster and more efficiently by leveraging each others assets.”

The six new constructions include: Simplicity, a 310-count, blend of cotton and micro-denier polyester; Ultra Fresh, a 300-count sateen; a 250-count pure Bamboo sheet; a 300-count stain repellant/resistant sateen with Advanced Teflon finishing; a 300-count wrinkle resistant sheet; and a 350-count sueded oxford weave.

Ultra Fresh offers allergen reduction and is designed to eradicate house dust mites in bedding textiles by ensuring that dust-mite colonization does not take place and that house dust allergen cannot be produced in those areas. The Sueded Oxford Weave is more breathable than flannel and not susceptible to pilling, according to the companies.

The Bamboo sheet is made of breathable fibers that feature micro gaps for ventilation and softness. The product also offers moisture control with quick absorption, and is biodegradable, naturally anti-bacterial, non-polluting and eco-friendly. It also features colorfastness as bamboo fibers offer color retention against fading and staining.

The sheet with Advanced Teflon repels liquids, prevents staining and releases soiling caused by daily use. The Wrinkle Resistant product features a new finish that fights wrinkles without adversely affecting the hand or strength of the fabric.

The Simplicity sheet offers a silky finish with a cool hand. It also has easy care characteristics because the fabric has a longer life span than cotton making it less likely to wear.

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