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Players Scorecard

Appointments and personnel changes since August Market (through February 6, 2008)

Date following entry indicates the issue of HTT or HTT Extra in which the entry appeared.

Abell, Sam

Named president, Courtney Davis, 1/30/2008

Adler, Alessia

Appointed sales assistant, Global Home Textiles and Global Home Décor Show, GLM, 9/17/2007

Alvarez, Jose

Named to board of directors, TJX, 10/1/2007

Anik, Ruby

Named svp, director of brand marketing, JCPenney, 10/29/2007

Arthur, Lorie

Appointed design director, Faze Three, 9/17/2007

Barreca, Tom

Named svp, digital and emerging media, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, 11/12/2007

Bennett, Alan

Named to board of directors, TJX, 10/1/2007

Berrier, Roger

Named evp, sales, Unifi, 9/27/2007

Bolton, Keith

Named executive vp, sales and marketing, Zenitex, 11/26/2007

Brennan, Donald

Named sevp, Kohl's, 9/17/2007

Briggs, Herb

Named president, retail sales and marketing, Dan River, 9/17/2007

Brokaw, Timothy

Named vp-decision support, Family Dollar, 9/17/2007

Bufano, Kathy

Named president, merchandising and marketing, Belk, 1/7/2008

Cardimona, Edward

Named chief global creative officer, svp, Springs Global, 8/13/2007

Casey, Margaret

Named director, programming, Las Vegas World Market Center, 11/12/2007

Cavanagh, Barbara

Named ceo, Under the Canopy, 12/17/2007

Chilton, Jeff

Promoted to svp, sales, Perfect Fit, 9/17/2007

Cloutier, Cathy

Named director, retail merchandising, Loftex, 2/4/2008

Codella, Steve

Promoted to senior vp, sales, Couristan, 9/17/2007

Crawford, Gregory

Named vp, general manager, Polymer Group, 9/17/2007

Dale, Gretchen

Promoted to coo, Loftex, 10/29/2007

D'Angelo, Carolyn

Named vp, brand management, home division, Iconix, 12/17/2007

Delaney, Hallie

Named director of product development, Crown Crafts, 9/17/2007

Delbello, Steve

Named vp, merchandise and dmm, Anna's Linens, 10/29/2007

Donahoe, John

Named president, cep, eBay, 1/24/2008

Dreiling, Richard

Named ceo, Dollar General, 1/28/2008

Drummond, Amy

Promoted to catalog account manager, Company C, 10/29/2007

Efird, Bruce

Named president, Fred's, 8/30/2007

Eger, Jack

Promoted to svp, Craftex Mills, 10/15/2007

Eldan, Esther

Named ceo, Kitan Industries, 8/20/2007

Elliott, Ron

Named western regional manager, Couristan, 2/4/2008

Everson, Lindsey

Named account executive, MHS Licensing, 11/12/2007

Fein, Dennis

Named to head floor covering business, Welspun, 10/1/2007

Flatow, Michael

Named ceo, Dan River, 11/26/2007

Flynn, Bob

Named director, bedding, S. Lichtenberg, 12/17/2007

Foreman, Jerry

Named vp, merchandising and marketing, CBK, 1/7/2008

Forker, Kaela

Named co-ceo, American Pacific, 2/4/2008

Froman, John

Elected to board of directors, Ross Stores, 12/3/2007

Garfield, Michelle

Promoted to information technology manager, Company C, 1/28/2008

Giacomini, Frank

Promoted to coo, Elrene Home Fashions, 2/5/08

Goldberg, Susi

Named vp-fashion and product development, Westgate, 10/29/2007

Gottfried, Chris

Named senior buyer, bath, Macy's Home Store, 11/12/2007

Gray, Joe

Named territory sales manager, northeast, Kas Rugs, 10/15/2007

Green, David

Named to board of directors, Tuesday Morning, 1/7/2008

Grimsley, Michael

Named sales representative, southeast, Sunbury Textile Mills, 1/28/2008

Grosso, Jon

Promoted to evp, director of stores, Kohl's, 9/17/2007

Harrell, David

Named sales representative, Golding Fabrics, 11/12/2007

Harrison, Michelle

Named wholesale and hospitality manager, Cuddledown, 2/4/2008

Haubiel, Charles

Named svp, legal and real estate, Big Lots, 1/10/2008

Haverkost, Ken

Named evp, operations, Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores, 10/23/2007

Heffernan, Lee

Named svp, integrated marketing, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, 11/12/2007

Higgins, Scott

Named business manager, Oriental Weavers, 1/28/2008

Hollowell, David

Named vp, marketing, IHF, 10/1/2007

Hric, Bruce

Named president, ceo, Capel, 12/3/2007

Ichiba, Julie

Named executive show director, The Off-Price Specialist Show, 1/7/2008

Ihamuotila, Mika

Named ceo, Marimekko, 11/12/2007

Jasper, William

Named president, ceo, Unifi, 9/27/2007

Johnston, Robert

Named president, Hudson's Bay Co., 9/4/2007

Jones, Paul

Named president, chief merchandising officer, Shopko, 11/26/2007

Kambak, Jeff

Named evp, sales, Loftex, 10/29/2007

Kelley, Jacki

Named evp, media sales, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, 11/12/2007

Kelly, Jaime

Appointed show coordinator, Global Home Textiles and Global Home Décor Show, GLM, 9/17/2007

Kirschbaum, Dick

Named vp, sales-Atlantic coast area, Veratex, 10/15/2007

Knight, Michael

Named account executive, Next Creations, 1/28/2008

Lape, James

Named ceo, Downlite, 11/12/2007

LaRovere, Michelle

Named vp, Croscill Home, 1/14/2008

Lee Minor, Kimberly

Named vp, brand management, Iconix, 12/17/2007

Lee, Sandra

Signed as spokesperson, Waverly, 1/7/2008

Lerner, Cynthia

Named corporate design director, Venus Home, 12/17/2007

Lipsey, Mark

Named national sales manager, Royale Linens, 11/12/2007

Mack, Beth

Named chief merchandising officer, Hollander Home Fashions, 12/3/2007

Malek, Rita

Appointed assistant show manager, Global Home Textiles and Global Home Décor Show, GLM, 9/17/2007

Mallow, Howie

Joined as evp-sales and marketing, Achim Importing, 2/5/08

Manby, Jeff

Promoted to evp, gmm men's and children's, Kohl's, 9/17/2007

Mandell, Neil

Appointed director of brands, Idea Nuova, 1/7/2008

Marchese, Jacqueline

Named senior sales account manager, Nostalgia Home Fashions, 1/28/2008

Marchetti, Michael

Named cfo, Tuesday Morning, 1/28/2008

Marchetti, Michael

Named acting cfo, secretary and treasurer, Tuesday Morning, 1/15/2008

Marcum, James

Appointed to Board of Directors, Iconix, 10/15/2007

Mare, Sherry

Named territory manager, Safavieh, 11/26/2007

Maricich, Bob

Named president, ceo, World Market Center, 2/4/2008

McFarland Farthing, Linda

Named president,ceo, Stein Mart, 8/28/2007


Named general manager, floor mat division, Mohawk Home, 1/14/2008

Munsey, Brian

Named vp, marketing, Biederlack, 11/12/2007

Muzekari, Tom

Added as senior sales and marketing executive, Westlake, 10/15/2007

Navarro, David

Named vp-logistics, Gottschalks, 10/29/2007

Ozorio, Jeremy

Named co-ceo, American Pacific, 2/4/2008

Paul, Michael

Named sales representative, northeast, Cone Jacquards, 11/26/2007

Proske, Bob

Promoted to svp, Craftex Mills, 10/15/2007

Ramery, Louis

Named svp, customer relationship marketing, Sears Holdings, 11/26/2007

Rankin, Norman

Named svp, Big Lots, 1/10/2008

Richard, Kenneth

Named vp-marketing, Iconix, 12/17/2007

Roan, Steve

Named coo, Surya Rugs, 1/7/2008

Robinson, Allen

Promoted to svp, marketing and product development, Perfect Fit, 9/17/2007

Rogers, Rick

Hired to ramp up U.S. market profile, Shanghai Homeland Textile, 9/17/2007

Ronon, Lynne

Named evp-merchandising, HSN, 10/29/2007

Rothstein, Joel

Promoted to director, international sales, Duralee Fabrics, 1/14/2008

Sarette, Joelle

Named marketing coordinator, Company C, 9/17/2007

Schipilliti, Vanessa

Named territory manager, Canada, Safavieh, 9/28/2007

Schneider, Wendy

Named design director, Golding Fabrics, 11/12/2007

Schrantz, Barbara

Named evp, stores (effective 2/29/08), The Bon-Ton Stores, 12/3/2007

Segal, Robert

Named svp, gmm, Big Lots, 1/10/2008

Seideman, Neil

Named vp-business development, Iconix, 12/17/2007

Selfer, Eric

Promoted to vp, sales and marketing, Renaissance America , 10/15/2007

Siegel, Bryan

Assumes chairman of the board, ceo post, Elrene Home Fashions, 2/5/2008

Siegel, Craig

Named president, Elrene Home Fashions, 2/5/08

Sikalis, Penny

Named vp, global business development, GLM, 10/1/2007

Smith, Donald

Named vp, marketing, Family Dollar, 11/26/2007

Smith, Louis

Named director, brand management, Hollander Home Fashions, 11/12/2007

Smith, Ronald

Named cfo, Unifi, 10/15/2007

Smith, Ronald

Named vp, finance and treasurer, Unifi, 9/27/2007

Snyder, Shauna

Named vp, product development, Surya Rugs, 9/17/2007

Stoutnar, Colleen

Named marketing coordinator, Capel, 10/1/2007

Strickland, Theresa

Named vp, chief home design officer, Sears and Kmart, Sears Holdings, 1/14/2008

Stuart, Jessica

Promoted to customer service account managerq, Company C, 10/29/2007

Sullivan, Barry

Promoted to evp-store operations, Family Dollar, 10/29/2007

Talbert, Michael

Will handle bedding and bath sales, southeast and midwest, Veratex, 2/6/08

Thomas, Jeff

Named vp-replenishment, Family Dollar, 8/17/2007

Thomas, Paige

Promoted to evp, gmm juniors and jewelry, Kohl's, 9/17/2007

Tomlin, Robb

Appointed manager, velvet products, Global Textile Alliance, 1/7/2008

Torres, Hector

Named vp, marketing and product development, Perfect Fit, 12/17/2007

Trius, Vicente

Named evp, president and ceo, , Wal-Mart Asia, International, 1/28/2008

Turf, Barbara

Named chief executive (effective May 1), Crate & Barrel, 2/4/2008

Vernon, Dave

Named executive vp, gmm home, Fortunoff, 10/1/2007

Wain, Liz

Named director soft home design, home fashion, Sears Holdings, 1/14/2008

Walters, Scott

Appointed sales director, basic bedding products, Welspun, 1/14/2008

Ward, Maria

Named vp-national accounts, Oriental Weavers, 1/28/2008

Watts, Claire

Named evp-merchandising, QVC, 12/17/2007

Webster, Amy

Named vp, pillow division, Hollander Home Fashions, 12/3/2007

Weisgerber, Kim

Named buyer, towels, bath rugs, bath shop and accessories, Bloomingdale's, 1/7/2008

Worthington, John

Named sevp, store operations, Kohl's, 9/17/2007

Yerg, Ray

Named svp-home textiles division, Nishat Mills, 10/29/2007

Zucker, Scott

Named vp-merchandising operations, Family Dollar, 10/29/2007

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